Linh – My experience as a Ritual Master in the Modern Mystery School


Ever since she was a child, Linh has always felt that she was here to help many people. Her dreams have shifted over the years, but the mission to serve stays the same. As she grew up, the childhood wonders were replaced by adulthood struggles but after a few years out of college, at one point, she thankfully remembered that she had forgotten her aspirations.

Even though she had a life that many would consider great at that point, inside she didn’t feel the same way. Disconnection from herself and her true purpose created an empty hole that no amount of (busy)work, food and relationships could fill. As she decided to start her healing journey to become the best version of herself, little by little, she was able to get more in touch with those childhood dreams and aspirations and realized that as kids, we are very connected to the world and our dreams are very connected to what we are meant to do on Earth. We simply forget them as we get older. The more she serves as a Guide, Teacher, and Ritual Master in the Modern Mystery School lineage, the clearer and higher her purpose becomes. Today, she supports future leaders and changemakers to learn to love and lead themselves so that they can stop settling, jumpstart their purpose and create long-lasting impacts. She believes that each and everyone of us carries a special piece that will help humanity progress with grace, and because of that, when we live our purpose, we shine and bring light to the world in a way that no one else can. Using ancient time-tested tools, she helps her clients connect back into their dreams and start working towards fulfilling them.

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