Letting Go [… and a Wiccan Ceremony tonight!]

letting go

Hello, Cosmic Explorers!

What a packed edition we have for you!

A key part of healing is letting go and releasing unhelpful energies, and Julia Tiffin expertly guides us through this very subject.  Her words will take us on a journey through the why and how to wash the world from our being and the important role of sessions like the Cord Cutting are in the healing process.

Today is also a magickal day in London because we have our Mabon celebration taking place this evening.  Magick, Manifestation and Meditation combine for a ceremony marking the turning of the wheel from Summer into Autumn.  We’d love to see you!

The team here is buzzing here with the programs in the Royal city of London. We’re playing musical chairs with our last minute sign-ups, and if you’d still like to join us, you can click here for what’s on offer!

We also have the Astrology live stream with Divina Kate Bartram-Brown and Aleks Ceho on Facebook today, which is not to be missed!

Feel free to join us for Chi Do tonight on Zoom to bring movement to your meditation practice. Details for all these incredible events awaits you below.

 Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


Healings to help us with…

Letting Go


This is a time of year when the seasons are in balance, and it is a great reflection for you about what gets you off balance. Imagine you are standing on two legs and someone asks you to carry a 20kg bag on your right shoulder: you would get unbalanced, right? The rest of your body would have to counter this and if you keep carrying this bag for days non-stop, maybe weeks, maybe years, your entire body would be out of alignment. Do you really need to carry this heavy bag around?

Now imagine instead your body and the (approximately) 30m aura around your body. From challenging experiences, relationships, stress, substances and trauma, the aura can pick up energies from the world around us. Some of this is from negative patterns, behaviours and relationships we’ve chosen to engage with, and some are from the energies we’ve picked up from the world around usWe need to let this all go! All of this makes our energy field ‘weighted’ and our energetic system gets pulled towards these ‘biases’.

What do I mean by that?

Imagine someone has spoken ill of you. This energy gets sent to you and can ‘stick’ to your energy field. It’s like a piece of chewing gum stuck in your aura (not quite, but you get the idea!). You then have this negative energy in your aura and it affects your mind, shifting you out of your centre. Perhaps you even see yourself through the eyes of someone else’s negative thoughts! (We use the Spell Removal to get rid of this by the way.) Or if you have had a set of triggering experiences with someone, there can be a negative cord between you and them. This cord can drain you of vital energy that you need to stay in your power and your centre, and you don’t see things clearly anymore. A Cord Cutting takes care of this!

When we are in our centre we have the best vantage point and can see things positively, we are in our power, every challenge can be seen as an opportunity, and we are connected to good and beauty around us. One of the reasons the Modern Mystery School offers so many classes is to hand down tools for personal use so that we can always go back to your centre and maintain a state of balance no matter what!

The great thing is your energy system gets stronger as you use the daily rituals and tools that are handed down, and initiations create huge protection for your energy system. You still need to take care of these energies you have picked up throughout your life so you can remove these weights from your system. Various healings address all kinds of energies you have either anchored into your energy system (for instance unexpressed emotions in your emotional body, mental beliefs in your mental body, negative attachments to people, negative energies from substance abuse) and then negative energies you have picked up from the world around you.

The healing toolbox of King Salomon is truly vast and here are just some of the sessions you could consider to clean up your energy system:

  1. Aura Healing (Healers Academy 1 Graduates)

  2. Purification by Light (Warriors of Light)

  3. Emotional Cord Cutting & Negative Spell Removal (Ritual Master 2)

  4. Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing Rites for Old & New Wounds (Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick)

  5. Etheric Re-construction: Celestial Code & Negative Residue Removal (Advanced Healers training)

  6. Shamanic Aura Clearing (Healers Academy 2 Graduates)

  7. EnSofic Ray Bad Habit Removal (EnSofic Ray Intermediate Level Graduates)

  8. Salt baths!

There are more, these are to give you a little taste of the treasure box of King Salomon’s healings!

Another key way to heal yourself from the baggage of life is through Ceremony! Each ceremony is different, but with each ceremony, you will cleanse something from your being that you haven’t quite been able to reach. If you haven’t signed up for the Mabon Wiccan Ceremony tonight, grab your seat, and be on the lookout for Hermetic Full Moon Ceremonies on offer too!

Contact your Life Activation Practitioner or Guide and see what is a good fit for your next step – it is liberating releasing something you don’t need to be carrying around in your energy field!

–Julia Tiffin, International Specialty Teacher, Guide

Join Us in London

Check This Out: Mabon Celebration


Hello dear ones,

We have a very special Mabon Ceremony & celebration this Wednesday 20 September at 7pm open to each of you in person in London at The Columbia Hotel!

Mabon marks the autumn equinox which occurs in September each year, and in the Northern Hemisphere, the date marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. At two points in the year, known as the equinoxes, the sun will illuminate the Northern and Southern hemispheres equally. These equinoxes are when day and night are equal, making it a time of balanceequality and harmony.


Mabon celebrations are a time to give thanks for the abundance of Mother Earth.  We will be setting intentions and working with manifestation during this event. We will explore the elementsrestore balance and acknowledge our fruits thus far.

Join us for a deep meditation, a fun-filled community gathering of gratitude, thanksgiving, harvest and celebration this Wednesday. There will be a special gift to take home with you.

I Want to Go to Mabon!

From the Editors Desk


Jupiter, a captivating planetary giant in astrology, assumes a pivotal role, particularly as the ruler of my own sun sign, Sagittarius. It’s a source of fascination as I delve deeper into the celestial placements of my birth chart, I’ve come to understand Jupiter as the harbinger of expansionpersonal growth, profound wisdom, and the spiritual quest for enlightenment.

Today, an exciting opportunity awaits us all as we can tune into the live session with Divina Kate Bartram-Brown and Aleks Ceho to unravel the intriguing connection between Jupiter and the realm of finance. It promises to be an enlightening experience! I wholeheartedly encourage you to sign up for the live stream or catch the replay using the buttons below. For me this will be the first venture into astrology with the Modern Mystery School, and I think it’s bound to be nothing short of magickal!

For those watching the live session, feel free to engage with Divina Kate and Aleks by sharing your thoughts through comments during the stream. If you’re catching the replay, simply tag your comment with #replay to join the conversation. Don’t miss out on this celestial exploration—it’s a cosmic journey worth embarking upon.

Join us for Jupiter and Money with Al

5pm London GMT+1

Wednesday 20th September 2023

for an interview led by Divina Kate Bartram-Brown with Aleks Ceho

Don’t forget to click the link and set a notification for the live stream so you won’t miss it! I can’t wait to learn more about the correlation between Jupiter and Money!! (And just because there is always more, we have a special treat for you in December all about money & manifestation … stay tuned for more to come!)

With love and radiant light,

Lisa J

Jupiter and Money…? Take Me There!



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