Importance of Administration in Metaphysics with Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon has been the driving force behind the explosive growth of The Mystery School since he joined the Lineage in 2004. We have seen the school expand from 12 countries to 55 with his efforts. Dave has dedicated his life to serving the world by teaching, healing and helping people from all walks of life to Know Thyself. He is an expert at identifying what is blocking a person and at navigating them to high frequencies and deeper understandings. Every moment of time we are given the choice between light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil.

A Warrior of Light learns to be wise enough to distinguish the difference and recognising the choice, they choose Light, even though it is often the harder of the two.

Our ultimate weapon is Love, our shield is Peace, our fuel is Passion and our goal is Joy.

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon




Ips Dave interviewed by Divina Kate ( blue)




We have a very special guest today, one of the three lineage holders of the Modern Mystery School, sharing his knowledge on:


  • administration
  • how that leads to success
  • ultimately being a brilliant magician in your life.



as well as being a lineage Holder and Ipsismus of Modern Mystery School,

our special guest is also a very successful businessman worked in the corporate world as a successful CEO,

he knows how to use magic in the world we live in .


he’s a world class accomplished martial arts instructor of many styles, 

helping teaching coaching and motivating people for many decades.


We need to talk about administration,

 how that increased success in our life ,

Why is it important that we have an administration and structure in a spiritual business.



if we’ve got Angels and guides, can’t we just ask them, think about it, or do a cosmic calling



I wish it’s just like: Michael, can you handle the bouncing cheque book for me, make those a mortgage payment over there…. what do you think? appreciate that.


First of all, the word “spiritual” is double edge for me, because I find it denotes a kind of person in our society.

For me, spiritual is someone who is investigating (how far they’ve gone is dependent on the person), investigating what is beyond the physical.


I look at spiritual people, they could be studying religion, a way of being, a path (I mean whatever it is, we use a path), people have their own different ways.


To me there isn’t a person on earth who isn’t spiritual to some degree.


we’re all trying to figure out why we are, for how & what’s it all means.


Some of us are fatalists: just sort of give it all up, it all means nothing, it’s all just going to happen;

Some of us believe we have the ability to influence those events.


As you mentioned I’ve run a bunch of businesses in my life, so when I came to explore more deeply spirituality, I brought a very pragmatic way of looking at it.


I did not like concepts that meant nothing, that could not be ground into something, grounded into your life.

If I couldn’t use them, if I did not see results, or what we call fruits in hermetics, that meant nothing to me.


Now I I’m gonna talk a little bit metaphysically.


Administration is about grounding that energy.


All of those high-flown concepts (am sure people would agree and disagree with me about what spirituality is, what Angels are, and there is an Angel, were there beings, were there balls of light….)  doesn’t matter, it doesn’t, yes that’s great if it serves you please do it.


but what matters is that, none of that will make a difference to you or to another person you wanna prevent or potentially provide assistance to, if they can’t ground it.


Administration is about conducting that light into a place, where it would not be normally, and allowing it to have a consistent flow to that place, so that potential can come from it.


In other words, we built pipes to use for plumbing to move water around, because just letting water sit in the ocean or in the Lake or wherever, it’s not good enough.

We wouldn’t have a world that we live in, if we all had to go down to the water by the River and collect it and bring it in every day.


Now we decided that, it was better to have a consistent fluid supply you could rely on,   when you open your tap , the water comes out , this is hot this is cold .

We as society said that’s a smarter way of living, it allows us to then do better things than fight for our water and finding water every day.


administration is really about conducting that flow.


If I were to use the term “failure”, which I know somebody won’t like, but let’s just say, you’re not doing as well for yourself or others in terms of working with spirituality,  in terms of helping people see a brighter day, of greater potential of themselves in the world,


 almost always it’s coming from the lack of administration of the light in that process.


now you asked a great question Kate because you said wasn’t there Angels or spirit guides why doesn’t just work.


The very question is framed on the fact that, if we believe in an universal all, (a god for some, whatever label you want to stick on the universal all, you just say the universe, the collective consciousness, whatever your label is for the great bigger thing.)

there is a structure within it.  


we say Angels, we don’t just say God and you, we say God and other beings, we say higher consciousness and other things. Some people even say my higher self, that shows that ,


there is a conduit, there is a structure required, not random, set in place, for energy to come through, for things to come through.1


Then why someone would think that, once it arrives at you, it stops doing that, it’s weird.

or why it arrives at you, but you’re not part of it. that’s also very unusual.


and you know (forgive me, those you live the incorrect way of thinking), it isn’t proper.


if you are the receiver of the light, are you not a link in the chain, meant to move that light on?


Above you, the light that came through a structure, why would you think you no longer belong to the structure, or the responsibility in that structure.


What I see that emanates within the spiritual world so much, where so many good people could be doing better, and ultimately helping more people is the greatest good we can do.


Where I see people misdirecting or failing the greatest, is they don’t take the responsibility on of maintaining that light, that is kind of fatalistic thought in new age, where if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.


What that means is like, gods got control of everything, you are basically nobody, you are just a recipient of everything,


In traditions of the mystery school, in the traditions of any of the great mystery schools that have been on this planet, it doesn’t work that way.


You are meant, as you gain wisdom and authority in the light and understanding of it

(in other words, you have more concrete comprehension and ability to work with the light, that),

you’re responsible to progress that light, to keep it moving to others, to do what someone or something did for you.


If you want to look at it like an Angel, then be an Angel for a human being; if you want to look at it like being another really good person, be another good person.


But you have the responsibility to hold that potential (not for what they do with it, that’s up to them, but to hold the potential) for the person to become greater.


and when there isn’t administration of that,(when there isn’t literal understanding flow, things that you write down, you check up on, you look into, dates you put on the calendar….. I mean administration like true administration of the light),  

the potential dies.


You as a recipient are no longer passing that potential on, and you’re no longer holding the potential for others, including yourself because holding it for others is holding it for the self.

you are abdicating. 退位。


kind of emanates in what society is about: what can you do for me,

and ultimately in the potential that Mystery School, there is a selfishness in what someone does in the lineages, because to serve yourself, you must serve another.


I say I’m a very selfish person, because for me to become greater, I have to help other people.


I cannot sit on my couch, (forgive me, for those you get your buttons pushed by this, if you’re really deep in the New Age, meditate and make the world a better place.  I cannot sit on my couch and meditate and I know somebody like Oh no there are studies that prove that isn’t true……okay let me amend it, yes you can make it this much better, )


but I want you to put it in practical terms.

A man is starving on the street and he needs food, you don’t sit on your couch and meditate about it , and hope he gets food,  if you want to make it difference , make him a sandwich and bring it to him.


You take action, you take responsibility for the power and authority you have, to do a good deed, you act upon it.


If you maintain that power and authority, you take responsibility for your own power and authority in the light, and the fact that you are part of this chain of administration, you can perform miracles.


I see the greatest failure is, people that don’t take the responsibility on what they want.

and it’s very teenagers in terms of development.


We say are you a spiritual child a spiritual teenager a spiritual adult.


A spiritual teenager wants all the benefit but none of the responsibility; spiritual child doesn’t know any of these things, they just live within the field, they are innocent; but a spiritual adult says:


“I have received good; I have authority and power to do good;


 I have light, I have a way of doing something that can help people;


because I have been a recipient of such a fruit, (whether I had to work super hard to have it, or whether was handed to me, whatever way you look at how you got that fruit of light),


it is then within the chain of the All, within the chain of the hierarchy of light, within the chain of how any light flows, whatever your system is in your head,


it is your responsibility to carry that light, and hold it for another, until they receive and move it along themselves, and you continue to handout the benefits of the light.


and that’s what administration is.


Whenever you move away from the responsibility of holding the potential, (not the result, results up to the person), you’re failing an administration.



There is that lack of understanding of responsibility and what that actually means.


A lot of indigos saying they just want to be free; they don’t want to listen to authority, don’t want to be restricted by all of these rules and systems, and they feel choked by it.


They feel inhibited by structure, but you’re saying that actually a structure is the way that we grow and then we allow others grow.

How can we help them in understanding this?



First indigos, I love you.

Although what I’m gonna say might sound like I don’t love you, I actually do love you.


Indigos are awesome, but indigos have made a very (because they’re human we’re all human they made a) huge mistake.


Their original purpose of coming down here was to create unity in the earth. but if you take a look around, mission not so good right now, it’s the exact opposite.


Because they were meant to unify through tribes, and what they did instead of unifying through tribes once they got in a field, where there is a potential for negativity,

they created tribalism, meaning: “my tribe not your tribe, your tribe is my enemy”.


Can they turn it around, yes it’s possible that will get turned around, but right now it’s not looking so good for the planet.

There is just too much segregation and division, and division over hatred; my tribes better than yours; my tribes right your tribes wrong… kind of thing.


So indigos came in with high potential, but that potential right now is being realised in the dark, not in the light, unfortunately.

It’s being realised in the negative and not the positive.


That being said, a lot of indigo’s do feel exactly how you say, they feel they don’t want to be restricted, they want freedom, and honestly that’s great, that benefits all humanity: we have been too indoctrinated that, there’s only one way to do things, we need to start to think that there might be other potentials.


Here’s the problem, there’s no farmer on earth that will tell you, they’re going to grow the best crops in the world to feed people by random chaos, by not having a structure.


I want you to go to a farmer, and say, let’s just grab sacks of beans and seeds, mix them together, toss them in the field, let God sort it out, because I don’t want to get up at 6:00 in the morning and tend the farm, and I don’t want to take care of the animals, and I don’t want to do the watering and I don’t want to be responsible for fertilising, and it’ll just all work out.


(Kate I’m being good right now, I am, I’m trying to be good.  you RM and initiate listen to me, you’re thinking he’s right on the edge, and he is and he’s trying to be good.  please try not to just open up and say don’t be an idiot.)


but don’t be an idiot! (sorry the package just comes in.)


Avoidance of responsibility is foolish thinking,

and it’s very big because it’s an avoidance of something that is absolutely essential, to anything you want to do in this earth, that is judge Ye by your fruits.


Judge a person by the good or the bad of what they’ve done, you will see by their fruits.

If they are generating light, you will see people being helped. Doesn’t mean everyone will be helped all the time, but you’ll see a consistency starting to bubble up, of people being helped.


If someone says they’re super good, and you look at the fruits, and all you see is lots of bad things and lots of poison and lots of negativity, then you know the fruits aren’t good.


So as an indigo, you gotta step up and have responsibility for your fruits,


it’s the essential difference of one of the big social norms that has to be looked at, and that is entitlement versus responsibility.


One of the biggest problems we have that’s related to this, (that goes to some of the indigo stuff, and also to some of the elders , those prior to indigo were like myself , were didn’t treat the world so well in those other people in it ), is identity politics .


Today we see a lot of separation of groups, the biggest problem with identity politics is that, you can’t do much about it.


You can try to socially engineer it, kind of socially push something, but you can’t really do anything in the light on a grounded level.


Because responsibility lies with an individual not a group,

so you have power as an individual first, and that power is directly linked to the amount of responsibility one is willing to take on.  


In other words, nobody is going to care what we should do for homeless people, if you aren’t doing anything for homeless people.


In terms of the mystery school, we call that an opinion, so you have a bunch of thoughts feelings and concepts, and maybe ideas, but you take no action to put any energy into it, you just sit around, maybe koobits with your friends, post stuff on Twitter, but nothing changes.

Because you’re actually not doing anything.


It’s kind of this concept of social activism, but that does not do anything .


If you’re upset like, for example my wife and I and the people at the admin office , we support a very large battered women shelter , and underprivileged youth charity here in the Toronto area in Canada .


and that’s always bothered me, my mum taught us three boys and a daughter: “gentlemen you will be gentlemen you will hold the door, because that is respectful for woman, that isn’t demeaning to women, you hold the door you’ll help her when she wants something, and you’ll be a gentleman.

and that a woman is to be a gentle woman, and to be to show kindness and support, both sides are meant to come together and be that way.”


 in this we take responsibility for who we are in this world, that responsibility gives us power,


I want to help youth, you know particularly these underprivileged kids, so we started doing charity work, so my voice can be heard, because I’m somebody to that work, and that’s true of anything.


you listen to Elon Musk, because he knows about electric cars and space stuff, so he has a voice, because he took on responsibility.  yes the responsibility led the money, and all that stuff and that may or may not happen it depends on what you’re looking at,


 but its responsibility over something, it’s stepping in and saying the Buck stops here, I will take the responsibility, I will be in charge of cleaning the room, I will be in charge of making dinner tonight, I will be in charge of whatever running the business, taking the finances, making sure whatever it is.

that gives you power.


The biggest misconception with indigos is, they think they’re entitled to power, (not all of them forgive me I don’t mean all of you, but the vast majority that I’ve run into in many ways, think that they are entitled to power) without having accepted the responsibility.  


You know you got a college kid telling you about the way the tax system is broken, and you kind of look at them and say, what have you paid into the tax system? like what have you contributed.


On that note, one of the reasons why we’re having so many problems with democracy in the world, all this stress about democracy, is because there’s a lot of people with a lot of voices have done nothing to contribute to the betterment of society.


You know in reality, in terms of the Mystery School teachings, we would tell Ritual Masters speak only of that which you are an expert of,

and ask questions of the things that you aren’t.


So you’re always an expert about your personal life, your personal feelings.


But are you an expert on how to deal with finance economics, build a business? There’s nothing worse than having a person come up to you, and tell you how to do those things, and they’ve never done it themselves. No fruit, no result.

You have to stand behind your result.


For indigos I’ll leave you one other thing about structure:


The place you come from was highly structured, and you liked it and I’ll tell you why.


Because with proper structure, proper administration of something, it provides you, it makes everything happen, in an expedient quick way,

it gives you back your time, to use in the way you want, so indigo’s want to have more free time, here’s the thing guys, for all of you,


if you want more free time, then you gotta build a better structure,


When you go, if you know I stand in line and fill this piece of paper up I go there get stamped I’m done. and you know that’s the process, that is much better than showing up, and people go: and then you gotta figure out how it all works ,and I don’t know, I think we’re not sure, you go over there, go upstairs ,come down….., that waste time and energy.


Proper structure not bad structure, proper administrative structure creates freedom.


It allows you to have more time to do the things that you want to do.


So indigo’s, adopt some really good structure, and you’ll have way more free time , it’s not the other way around.


Chaos doesn’t make free time, chaos takes away time.  

structure creates more free time.



I’ve learned from you is

clarity always brings clarity.

you always clear on what it is that you want.


When we look back in our history, maybe the history that we have been told in schools and such like, the magicians or high initiates were all poor, they were walking around in rags,  begging for food,  we have this this misconception in spiritual community that, if we have money, then we’re not spiritual, or we shouldn’t charge money , or money doesn’t match well with magic , could you clear that up for us .



yes first of all, money is important and essential,

and I personally love money.


and one of the things I teach about wealth is,

get to be friends with money,

don’t have any negative connotation towards it.


Money allows us to influence the world.


if you look at acts of evil, it’s the rich people, that had the power, and had the intent to do wrong, that made it happen because they were rich.


we often equate money and power, they are often very much one and the same thing on this planet. The problem is, it’s never been money. Any real magician, any real high magician including Solomon and many others already knew this.


Jesus Christ wasn’t poor, that’s a lie that you’ve been told.


I know some you might be very religious towards Jesus, but Jesus actually was wealthy, was very wealthy.

He was wealthy because people basically supported him in what he was doing.  that wouldn’t look too good so they coterie wrote him as a poor guy.


But any high magician man woman’s, whatever label you want to.

You’re able to control the elements, and work with the elements,

which means, one of the aspects of high magic is wealth.

It comes naturally to the magician to be wealthy.


why, because the magician wants to influence the world, for the positive,

therefore, I can do a lot more acts of direct physical good, helping battered women, helping abused children, because I have cash.


I could be like a new ager, sit on the couch all day if that’s what it is, or meditate or breathe through my chackras till the end of freaking Kingdom come, wont actually solve homelessness starvation, or any other number of problems.


The biggest problem in the world is not money.

is that the good people need the money,

I want every light worker on this planet to be as wealthy as possible.

You should be.


Why, because if you’re a person of a good heart, you would never walked by a starving man, woman or child, and say that’s okay in your life, you would never walk through a city, and look at someone who’s suffering whether it’s cause of mental illness, or just bad luck or anything, and say I have lots of money that’s OK, coz it isn’t OK.


Wealth matters.


If you are truly a person of the light, then you shouldn’t be afraid of money.

you should be embracing it.


If you don’t want money to exist as a system, you’re already going to fail .


There will always be a structural hierarchy of the things you value.


let’s imagine a world without money, OK poof it’s gone.

So what would be valuable, food, oxygen, we go down the list of all our needs, clean water,  and whoever has those things will be the richest person on the planet , no matter what you think it is , whoever has more of the thing that you call valuable,  they are the top of the hierarchy of it ,


Hierarchy is not a bad thing,

they serve us.

Money is not a bad thing.

(corruption has gotten in the money.  of course, coz you live on this planet, and that’s what happens. but we can clean that up, and straighten it up.)


Bitcoin: It doesn’t matter what you bring in, you have to work with the human heart and their intention first.


Because they are the ones controlling all of it, it doesn’t matter if you say bitcoins a solution, okay, So what an A bunch of bad guys with bad intent control Bitcoin, and they’ll do bad things. It doesn’t matter if you get rid of money, and it’s the guy who has the most cows, or it’s the guy that has the biggest nuclear plant, whatever the hell it is, it’s going to be the person that has the most of whatever it is that you want.


In non-monetary systems, let’s say you’re a musician, and you say, well I hate hierarchies , we should all be treated equally,  but that piano player , she is awesome she’s the best , and right away,  you instal her as the top of your hierarchy of what you consider valuable.


There are always hierarchies. there is always value in those hierarchies,

we all understand what money is,

the point of is not to be afraid of it, but to embrace it , and bring it in .


it’s not just do good acts, I will tell you this one thing that might help you:


Give money to good acts, take that money and use it for a good act, a good act can be for yourself too, you know if you really want that thing, and it’s going to make you feel good in your heart, do it.


Try to use your money with purpose, a purpose that serves growth, that’s usually the first step.


things you might enjoy, go ahead and enjoy them, but also,

 where’s the money going that’s helping you to become a better person, a stronger person, a wiser person a healthier person,  that’s good investment.


The best investment for all of us is ourselves, we are the number one,

cause no matter what happens, it’s always with you.


I’ll leave you with the last thing for money, just remember:


there is nothing the rich man can do that the poor man can,

but there’s a whole lot the poor man can’t do that the rich man can.


that’s why money is important.


for those of you whom I bug you a little bit,

I’m going to say good.


there’s nothing wrong with being forced to reconsider and contemplate preconceived notions,

so keep your mind open,

and always be willing to listen to anyone that might offer you,

they don’t have to be right, but they might offer you a different perspective.

and there’s nothing wrong with listening to that,


keeping your mind available for other potentials .



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