Healing Thyself [and LAST CALL for Healers Academy]

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Dearest Community,

Welcome to the last newsletter in September; the last four editions have flown by!

October is almost here, and it’s your last chance to enrol in Healers Academy, a transformative step into service and a deeply healing five days.

Dive deep into the art of self healing as well as how to utilise lineage healings for your own inner work.  The Light flows through Julia Tiffin’s article as she shares more of her insight and experiences, and shifts the focus to Healing Thyself.

Plus, don’t forget to join us for Chi Do! Answer the call to harness your energy and balance your inner self. Discover the path to holistic well-being and unlock your healing potential.

Hurry, the Healers Academy awaits, and our journey together is about to begin!

 Details for all these wonderful offerings await you below.

 Modern Mystery School UK & EU Team


Steps for self healing

The Path to Heal Thyself


There is a very important … energy that you need to thrive and to heal. This energy is called LOVE. We’re not talking about the romcom kind of love (although that could also do the trick!) – we are talking simply of the life force energy that runs through all living things, filling you with an energy essential to your everyday life.

Today you might be aware of addictions and imbalances towards food, alcohol, drugs, social media, work, sex, stress, ideologies and adrenaline rushes. You could view these as an avoidance of looking within. They are also attempts to fill a void inside. The intensity that obsessions and addictions give you, or even what focusing on something outside of you gives you, can attempt to fill this hole, but it leads to more loneliness, sadness and disconnection. Maybe you can’t relate to this, but you can feel that hole inside. The void inside of you that you’ve been trying to fill, is looking to be filled with … LOVE. We actually need way more love than we even realise, and we must also to be able to flow, share, give and receive love in large doses.

The path to self healing starts by bringing more love into your life, it’s like an essential medicine in the cabinet for the healing process. Since love is something which flows BETWEEN all living things, there is something you can do to get this energy flowing!

STEP 1 is to care for living things! This includes:

  1. Caring for yourself

  2. Caring for your plants: if you don’t have any, go buy some plants, give them names, and take care of them

  3. Care for pets: if you don’t have any pets of your own, you could foster a pet, do a pet share or find a way to hang out with an animal

  4. Care for the people around you: your neighbours, elderly family, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, people you don’t know. Anything that brings care to another human being will do the trick!


Learn meditation! This will help you to pause, to wash away all the things outside of you, connect to yourself and receive the good all around you. Don’t know how to meditate? Well, you can learn with the super effective Max Mediation SystemTM and also the moving meditation you learn in Chi Do (join us tonight)!


Connect to yourself: Talk to yourself (no, you are not going crazy!), and take time to tell yourself the truth about what you are really feeling or thinking. You can journal, connect to yourself on a long walk or use the Sanctuary Meditation technique to talk to your Higher Self and get guidance from within. The Sanctuary Meditation helps you to connect with your core, find out what you need to learn, get clarity and receive reassurance – this all makes a huge difference and puts you into the driving seat in your life. You can learn this technique in a class called Journeys of the Spirit and in Empower Thyself. If you are embarking on the Universal Kabbalah journey, you will be accessing many different gates to your soul & embarking on a journey to deeply connect to yourself!


Do healings on yourself! Really? Yes! There are some incredible healings you can learn that you can actually do on yourself. You need many different kinds of energy to re-align parts of yourself that have gotten off kilter from trauma, challenges, heartbreaks and more. Perhaps you can think about the different energies you need as different type of glue needed to put yourself back together again!

In Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick, you learn to heal emotional wounds, shift the noise in your head, shift stress, heal the body, boost your self-concept, heal from trauma, and even change the magnetics in your energy field so you can attract positive energies in your life.

Are you disconnected from your dreams? You might be struggling to get things done or make things happen, maybe you don’t feel safe and secure, your thinking is cloudy or you feel disconnected from your Soul and Spirit. The healing in Sacred Geometry 3 shifts all of this for you!

EnSofic Ray Fundamental Level connects you to the energy of all possibilities (it’s truly just way too big to explain in one sentence!) and you learn how to flow this into your body for healing. And just when you thought there could not be more, EnSofic Ray Intermediate Level teaches you how to shift bad habits and bad thinking patterns in your own brain! That’s right, it actually nukes it out of your own brain!


Accept the things you cannot change, and forgive yourself or others for traumas you have experienced. ALL of these steps above are to lead you hereThe power that lies in your own hands is to change how you think and feel about the things that happen that hurt you. The things you don’t forgive that happened are the ultimate poison for your own being.

Steps 1-4 will shift you so that acceptance and forgiveness are possible. This is the ultimate test of your self healing: acceptance and forgiveness. The inner peace that will be yours will be deep and true. This is not easy, but you are designed to do this! Your original factory settings are designed for this! If you ever need help, reach out to Archangel Raphael. Ask for healing, and true healing will be yours! For those of you already signed up to Healers Academy 1, you are in for a treat. You will be in the healing temple of Archangel Raphael for 5 days and will receive so support in your personal healing that will unfold long after your training.

Each step deserves a lot more clarification, but use these as an overview and start with at least one thing today! Reach out to your Life Activation Practitioner or Guide today for more guidance and information.

With grace,

— Julia Tiffin, International Specialty Teacher, Guide

Join us in London

Healers Academy – Have You Booked Your Seat?


October is just around the corner, and with it comes the eagerly anticipated Healers Academy, offering you a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others through service.

During this transformative experience, you’ll be introduced to the extraordinary Life Activation, immersing yourself in the profound healing energy that resonates within the sacred temple space. Our esteemed Teachers and Guides will be imparting profound wisdom and ancient teachings passed down through the Lineage of King Saloman, igniting a sense of purpose in initiates from every corner of the globe, encouraging them to share the light!

This is your final invitation to be a part of our enlightening five-day program, set amidst the splendour of the Royal City of London, where you’ll also receive a special magickal gift to take on your journey. Take that decisive step forward and seize this opportunity – we are here, eagerly awaiting your presence!

I Want to Go to Healers Academy!


From the Editors Desk


This month has been a profound journey into the depths of my own healing. Julia’s insightful articles have been my guiding light, helping me navigate through some exceptionally challenging moments. The timing of her wisdom seems almost divinely orchestrated.

In life, there are no coincidences, and everything unfolds as it should. Yet, on those days when adversity seems relentless, it can be tempting to surrender. Instead, I clung to my books and notepads, persevered through meditation and rituals, and leaned on the tools I’ve acquired along my personal path. As a result, I’ve emerged from this month’s trials.

My Guide has consistently illuminated my way, and each step I’ve taken has led to clarity and a long soak in a salt bath or shower! Gratitude fills my heart for every day and every moment this month has bestowed upon me. Despite the challenges, I made it through by prioritizing self-care, seeking answers, and focusing on my needs in the present moment. With newfound strength and perhaps a touch more wisdom, I stand here today.

What I’ve come to realize is that I possess the inner power to overcome whatever lies ahead. I am a beacon of light, an emissary of the Light, and this is my truth. As the days grow shorter and winter approaches, my inner light will continue to shine brightly.

To anyone facing their own challenges, I urge you to persist. Utilize the tools at your disposal, lean on your Guide, and draw strength from the knowledge you’ve gleaned from your spiritual practices. It’s during these times that clarity emerges, and the path forward becomes unmistakable. Keep moving forward, for your light is ever-glowing, no matter what shadows may come your way.

With love and radiant light,

Lisa J



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