Full Moon in Libra

Dear Community

This months Full Moon rises on the 28 March and we are influenced by the Full Moon for 3 days before on the day and for 3 days after.

Deep subconscious issues may rise to the surface and you may find or sense yourself feeling not quite yourself, during this time! You may have sleep disturbances, or feel more emotional , in need of extra rest or super energised!!

Nurture and honour yourself at this time!

The key is awareness here as with awareness and understanding you can honour yourself and harness the energy of the Full Moon and direct it to support you for the upcoming month!

Full Moons present an excellent opportunity to release ,let go and also to support you in manifestation and creating your hearts desires. Reminding you of your God essence and your potential to renew and recreate! 

Especially beneficial at this time of great change on the planet!
This months Full Moon is in the sign of Libra and Libra favours self examination and interaction with others. It’s a great time to bring harmony and balance back into your life , particularly with regards to marriage and partnerships on all levels. It’s also a good time to direct this energy to support you with any legal matters that need your attention. Libra also favours small animals!

I invite you to direct this energy to enchant and persuade , to use your unique magick combined with the moon to support you with any or all of the above!!
Libra , being an air sign, will move things along into manifestation!

We are delighted once again to offer several opportunities for you to be guided in Full Moon Max Meditation. 

These meditations will support you in releasing whatever you want and need to at this time of great change on the planet. For in letting go you create space for the new , for your new creations to be birthed , for you to recreate and move forward with greater connection, support , ease and grace into the New Paradigm!

Several Complimentary Max Meditations with a Full Moon theme will be held around the dates. See below for the links:

28 March

Divina Ann

08:30 PM 


    Passcode: 780071

29 March
Annie 7pm- 8pm
Password joy

30 March

Julia 6pm-7pm

Kasia 7pm-8pm
Password: Peace

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