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The first time I was introduced to crystals was around 12 years ago. I liked them and thought they were pretty but I didn’t know what to do with the crystals or how to use them. Do I keep them in my pocket? Do I wear them as jewellery? Do I keep them in my car? Shall I do all of the above? 

Well, that’s what I did — All of the above. I was sensitive to energies to a certain extent, but I did not understand how to use the crystals for my benefit. I decided they were nice to decorate your home and adorn yourself with, but that was about it.

Years later, when I moved from California to London, I decided to study Sacred Geometry II with the Modern Mystery School. I was interested in the Sacred Geometry series, but I cannot say my interest in crystals was heightened when walking into the class that day. Even though, I knew we were going to be focussing on crystal magick that day. I still had the mindset that crystals were mostly for decoration and held certain properties, and I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by what I was going to learn that day.

During the class, I took two clear quartz crystals out of the small mesh bag that was given to me. We were going to practice something called Crystal Rites with a partner for Old Wounds, New Wounds and Good Fortune. “Well,” I thought. “This is just going to be a nice feel-good session with another student in the class. Let’s see if anything happens.” I gripped the clear quartz crystal in my right hand, looked down at my booklet and began to read the Rites over and over again for Old Wounds.

WOAH! I needed to catch my breath! I needed to stop after only three or four minutes. I turned to the teacher in the class and said, “Wow! This is hard work!” I was really surprised I felt that I had taken what could be described as an energetic/healing work out! The energy and the healing work from the crystals began to move in those few minutes and I felt it! Big time! 

Months later, life moved along as it tends to do and I wasn’t feeling like myself. There was a heaviness in my chest that sat and walked with me as I moved through life. I couldn’t seem to shift it. I went to my Guide in the Mystery School and told her about the heaviness I was feeling. She reminded me of the tools that I had from the Sacred Geometry II class I had taken just a few months before. I have a huge tool kit with all of the magickal rites and rituals, but I needed my Guide to point me in the right direction when life became crowded with everyday busy-ness.

On day 10 of practising the Crystal Rites, I visited some friends that lived around the corner and they noticed immediately that I was in the middle of a shift. “What have you been doing?” they asked me. They too had taken the Sacred Geometry II class and I told them I was working with Crystal Rites for the previous ten days. I knew I was shifting with the help of the crystals, but I was floored that they noticed as well. By the time day 14 had come around, the heavy feeling I had carried with me had long gone and I was left with a quiet stillness.

Since my initial two week commitment, I use my Crystal Rites and my clear quartz crystals regularly to heal whatever it is that I need to clear. My relationship with the crystals has grown significantly over the years along with a greater understanding that crystals are used to progress humanity and to help humans. I am blown away by how much has shifted within me by using the small clear quartz crystals and the Crystal Rites 

In the years that I have studied in the Lineage of King Salomon within the Modern Mystery School, the depth of which it serves the students who choose to go deeper has never ceased to amaze me even after over a decade of study. The crystals served me more than can be written in this article and for that, I am eternally grateful.
About the Author
Lorraine Pimienta
Lorraine began her metaphysical studies over a decade ago in California before she moved to London. She is a Life Activation Practitioner, Kabbalist, Initiated Celtic Shaman and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon. 

Currently, Lorraine runs corporate meditation sessions in London and Europe for multi-national listed companies. Her training, skills and expertise help employees in the corporate world de-stress in high pressure, fast-paced working environments. 

In addition to her work in the Modern Mystery School and corporate settings, Lorraine is an Organ Donation Ambassador with the NHS. She is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of organ donation in the UK and USA through her TedxTalk titled “Too Sick to Speak: How Conversation Saved My Life”. She is passionate about giving hope to others that are beginning their healing journey after physical illness and trauma.

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