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Well, the Goddess has spoken! Join Divina Liza Rossi from Brazil and Divina Kate Bartram-Brown from the UK as they impart deep wisdom on us all!

And if truth be told this edition of our newsletter would not be complete without the Divine masculine! Real balance is achieved with proper communication between the Divine masculine and Divine feminine. Today, two amazing men, Andres and Robert, share their unique experiences with us.

For those who are signing up for Relationships in the Hermetic Life in March 2024 in London (a first for London), this is a teaser for us!

HOT OFF THE PRESS… next Thursday we have a special Imbolc Celebration with goal setting by candlelight in London. More information below.

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The Goddess has Spoken


Are you ready for a life-changing journey?


In this interview between Divina Kate Bartram-Brown and Divina Liza Rossi, two members of the Council of Twelve and leaders of Healers Academy, Divina Liza Rossi shares the many benefits of experiencing Healers Academy, how to face resistance, and where that might be coming from. She strongly believes that life is full of potential and that each person has the power to live the life they have always dreamed of. According to her, the key to living this life is hidden within us.

So, what are the many benefits of attending Healers Academy, and how will it help you in your everyday life?

One of the most amazing things about the Mystery School, Divina Liza shares, is its practicality. At the Modern Mystery School, we really LIVE the knowledge; it’s not like a dogma that we have to believe in. You start living this knowledge and seeing results. In Empower Thyself, we touch on the fact that we have not only five but ten senses. The internal senses related to our soul are the ones we start awakening as we practice a lot in Healers Academy. And once you come out of these five days in this beautiful healing temple, you will be able to use the tools to make better decisions in your life.

There is not one person who goes through the first step initiation at Empower Thyself and does not receive huge benefits and transformation in their lives. Here you receive 10 times more light. Now, the second step Initiation gives you a hundred times that light! So you will be able to see everything in your life more clearly and understand where you want to go and what you want to change. A hundred times more Light is huge, and it helps you so much to move forward with your goals in life.

A lot of healing takes place in the healing temple, which is not always comfortable; you might be releasing and letting go of difficult parts of yourself, but the good thing is you don’t even have to know what you are healing; it works regardless. We have so much within us, within our subconscious, and Healers Academy will help so much to let go of things that are holding you back from manifesting your divine self in the physical. After Healers Academy, you really come out with so much more clarity and the fire to create your desired life.

But what if someone is a very logically minded person? Could they still benefit from coming to Healers Academy?

You don’t have to understand or feel what is happening for it to work; that is part of the incredible magick of it. Divina Liza shares that in the beginning, she didn’t feel anything either. “You have to go with it and trust.” Healers Academy is not only for those who already work with therapy or healing because it is so much more than that. You will receive so much healing and clarity in your life, so it doesn’t matter from what background you come, Healers Academy will definitely help you, and it will open up the path for you to keep moving to the Ritual Master path, which is the warrior path, and for so many other classes that have Healers Academy as a prerequisite. “It really is a transformational week for everyone.”

Everyone experiences some form of resistance to one class or another, so let’s look at how we can overcome that and understand what the resistance is really telling us? People often think that if something is too hard, it might not be the right time, and they can do it later. But if you think about it, whatever you have accomplished in your life that was really big, you probably had to work really hard for it. When we have to make a big and difficult step, it usually means that there is something very big and special waiting for you on the other side. There will always be something to overcome, and that is the beauty of working hard for things that are really worth it. For some people, the hurdles are time, for others it’s family, and for some it’s money, and it will always be a big step to overcome because there is something really big waiting on the other side, and this is true for the whole path of initiation. Your soul is talking to you through your heart, so you have to find that strength within your heart and not your mind. Your mind will always come up with many reasons not to do something. But this path is not a rational path. You really have to quiet your mind and listen to your heart because your heart will guide you to the decision that is right for you. And only you can make this decision for yourself; no one else can. Only you, listening to your heart, will know the answer, and you have to fight for that and come and be with us in this amazing week that is coming up!

The week will be packed with different modalities that you will learn, and you get to become certified as a Life Activation Practitioner. It is so amazing! And there is only so much we can share in such a short period of time, so we strongly encourage you to come and experience the magic for yourselves.

Watch the full interview on YouTube or grab your spot at Healers Academy now. We can’t wait to see you there!

— Caroline Latour, Ritual Master Apprentice


Watch the full interview



How logical thinking brought two career-focused men to Healers Academy!


Have you been resisting a path of spirituality because your logical mind has stopped you?


Just like Andres and Robert, you might overcome those patterns and find that taking a step towards your own healing journey is actually a very logical decision.


Andres had a super successful career and a beautiful family, but still, he felt an inner void. Despite his external successes, he was unhappy. He was the kind of person to only take things seriously if they were backed up by science. So, you might wonder how a man like him ended up at Healers Academy?


The inner feeling of unhappiness led Andres to explore meditation and psychedelics, seeking higher consciousness. These experiences didn’t change his situation until one day he was introduced to the Modern Mystery School. As soon as he received the Life Activation, he felt an inner shift, a voice within him was questioning his reasons for taking substances and so he stopped right away and he discovered a newfound connection to his Higher Self. What then led him take Healers Academy was his strong calling towards the warrior path and becoming a Ritual Master. He understood that attending Healers Academy was a necessary step on his path to becoming a Ritual Master. He felt that as a man, he was capable of so much more and if he wanted to lead a really good life, he needed to use the best tools he could find. It became obvious to him that Healers Academy was the way to go, as the Life Activation had been so profound to him, and he knew that it equally had the potential to have profound shifts on other people.


Robert, husband and father to a wonderful family, who left his country, Romania, at a young age in search of a better life, always had a very strict and manly approach to life. Always working hard in various fields, he wouldn’t interact with the feminine and, therefore, wasn’t in touch with that heartfelt side within him. No other person than a man could have succeeded in inviting him to try out the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation. When the time was ripe for Healers Academy, Robert was not attracted at first and faced resistance. But once he reflected upon concepts he had learned about prioritizing, his logical approach made him attend Healers Academy, as everything he had previously done within the Modern Mystery School had brought him joy, so how doing the second step Initiation must also bring him more of that?


To his surprise, Healers Academy became a huge turning point, which changed Robert’s life forever. He vulnerably shares that those five days were the best he had ever experienced. He learned to open up and communicate heart to heart, which completely changed his relationship with his family for the better, especially with his wife and young children. Robert shares that he would attend Healers Academy again, without hesitation, because of the profound change it has brought to his life.


Now, is it time for you?

Discover Andre’s and Robert’s inspiring stories, along with many others, by watching their interviews on our YouTube channel or sign up now, to not miss out on your chance of attending Healers Academy.

— Caroline Latour, Ritual Master Apprentice


Watch Andres on YouTube

Watch Robert on YouTube



The sacred time of Imbolc


It is the start of the New Year, and the perfect time to plant our seeds and go on a vision quest. The beauty of this evening is infused with the energy of Imbolc: a sacred time of the year in the Wiccan calendar.

Goal setting supports us in our manifestations. When we become clear about our goals and know what we want, we can then take action towards achieving them. Manifestation becomes easier when we are clear, consistent, disciplined, and have a step-by-step plan of action.  This event is an opportunity to be supported in taking action to create what you desire for yourself!

In this special candle-lit community evening, we will be inspired to reflect together and:

– Consider where we are currently, our goals and desires
– Redefine and reshape our goals

As we step into the sacred energy of Imbolc we will have access to energy to plant seeds of new growth in our lives.

Surrounded by the gentle, supportive light of candles, we will be able to:

– Use the Light to highlight our vision
– Utilise the elemental energy to inspire ideas and heighten our visions and goals to a higher level

There will be time for journaling and goal setting in the sacred space that will be set for you, so that you can bring in the highest vision for yourself.

This is a super positive experience and open to everyone.

Please bring your friends, your family, and anyone who wants to harness the energy of Imbolc and vision quest for the year ahead!

What better way to flow in the light of 2024?

Doors open for registration: 6:30pm

Date: 7-8:30pm, 1 February 2024

Venue: The Columbia Hotel, Room 115, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

Exchange£20 when booked in advance, at the door £25

Remember to bring journals, pens, and or pencils!


Join us for the Imbolc Celebration

What are you waiting for?

You only live once, so why not take the opportunity to thrive?

In the Modern Mystery School we offer advanced spiritual training, and many of the classes are only available to Ritual Masters.

We are very excited about the Relationships in the Hermetic Life class, thought by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, for example, which requires a certain level of preparation to be able to sit in the high energy. Building a strong foundation is key and Healers Academy is the way to go.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up now, and we look forward to welcoming you in London soon!

I’m ready for Healers Academy

March London International Programs

Here is the calendar for our next international programs with some amazing classes on offer to bring you more magick and inspiration into your life!

Dragon Magick (Haven’t you always wanted to know about Dragons? Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 14 March 2024

Hermetic Joy Class (This time only: Open to those who have done Empower Thyself!) 15 March 2024

Healers Academy 1 (Open to those who have done Empower Thyself) 16-20 March 2024

Relationships in the Hermetic Life (Open to Certified Ritual Master Apprentices) 16-17 March 2024

Ritual Master Apprentice 2.0 (Open to Certified Ritual Master Novices) 18-19 March 2024

Archangels of the 1st Quorum (Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 21 March 2024

Enochian Magick 3 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 22 March 2024

Enochian Magick 4 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 23 March 2024

Enochian Magick 5 (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 18 March 2024

Advanced Enochian Theories (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 19 March 2024

Temple (Open to Certified Ritual Masters) 20 March 2024

Learn more about March programs



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