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Join us this week as we showcase Dragon Magick, the foundation of the Magicks that are offered to us from other beings. You’ll also hear from Grace and Jessica, two powerful women who were confronted with their self-worth at Healer’s Academy and have come to embrace opportunities to step into their greatness.

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May your inner dragon roar!

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Dragon Magick


When I think of a Mystery School, I think of wands, falling down a rabbit hole, the impossible made real and a world of wonder. Not to mention fairies and dragons, unicorns, centaurs and other magickal beings!

Dragon Magick is actually the real deal! At the beginning of the beginning lies the story of these ancient beings. Like in so many hero’s stories, the teachings and tools in this class have to be earned. The higher frequency of light that initiates operate at after Healer’s Academy initiation is the ticket into being able to effectively wield and work with Dragon Magick. This further training gains you entry into the magickal world of the dragons, as your senses can now receive deeper understanding, perceive more of what they offer and build a true relationship with these magickal creatures!

Having access to their wisdom and using the tools they have given to us to use when we are ready, opens the gates to a new world of magick & miracles!

Here are some stories:

— Julia Tiffin, Modern Mystery School Specialty Teacher

My first Dragon Magick class unfolded during the summer of 2021. Securing one of the last seats at the highly sought-after Modern Mystery School class in California, I eagerly joined fellow enthusiasts to receive teachings of these Ancient and Benevolent Sentient Beings. Guided by seasoned spiritual professionals, we delved into practical tools to unlock our own Dragon experiences.

Dragons were not a new phenomenon to me, they had long been part of my life, with their ethereal presence felt since childhood. Childhood imagining of dragons flying in the clouds evolved into seeing physical formations of them in the sky.

As an adult an astounding moment occurred when my two-year-old daughter spoke of dragons atop our house (children are often open to the unseen world around us). Intrigued, I sought glimpses of these elusive creatures.

Elusiveness remained until a profound Dragon Magick meditation in class rekindled my connection to their mysteries. Transported to a shared realm with dragons, I rediscovered a forgotten bond. This meditation marked the inception of a transformed consciousness, paving the way for tangible dragon experiences henceforth.

Engaging with Dragon rituals from the class, I established a daily routine, and found great satisfaction aligning with nature. Performing outdoor rituals barefoot in the grass amplified my connection, creating energetic fields that welcomed dragon presence. My consciousness deepened, resulting in a seamless integration of Dragon Magick into my life.

The Modern Mystery Schoolʼs Dragon Magick imparts a wealth of ancient and present-day knowledge. Despite thorough notetaking, the vibrancy of the class urges revisiting through auditing to absorb even more. Witnessing the once invisible world of dragons manifest as an everyday reality is both enjoyable and profoundly beneficial.

–Derima King, 3rd Step Ritual Master & Guide

Dragon Magick training was a dream come true. I know they were around me in my childhood. I always felt joy when I visited a dragon statue near the beautiful Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland. I was immensely grateful for knowledge and insights how to respectfully connect to these powerful magickal beings and welcome the help of practical tools to redirect my thoughts and feelings back to joy. Thank you dragons! Enjoy the training and the immense gifts it shares with us. All the best. With Joy and Light.

–Lucyna Ula Pasternak, 3rd Step Ritual Master & Guide

Dragon Magick has supported me in my many business and personal meetings. It assists me to attract the right people and prompts me to say the right words, at the right time, to the right person.

–Jin Zhi, 3rd Step Ritual Master & Guide


I am ready for Dragon Magick


Unleashing Potential: Grace and Jessica’s Journey at Healers Academy


Often times, we humans tend to feel unworthy of the next big step in our lives, fearing our fullest potential.


Grace and Jessica were confronted with their self-worth at Healer’s Academy, and this might resonate with you, too.


Healers Academy is a transformative journey for many, where the changes experienced can feel challenging as you accelerate your growth to become the best version of yourself.


Grace, a former corporate lawyer, discovered a new direction in life after joining the Modern Mystery School. Her journey through Healers Academy was a profound exploration of her emotions and letting go of mental limits, leading to a life filled with more joy and openness.


Jessica, a private chef, underwent a significant transformation at Healers Academy. Despite her extensive spiritual background, her time in the beautiful healing temple at Healers Academy revealed a sacredness and purity she had never experienced before. She was initially shocked by the contrast between the royal demeanor of the participants and her expectation of a more “earthy-looking” spiritual community.


Both Grace and Jessica faced initial resistance, a common challenge on this path. However, their perseverance led to significant breakthroughs. Grace transformed her academic mindset, deepening her connection with her heart, while Jessica discovered new aspects of herself, challenging her previous beliefs about spirituality. Today, both Grace and Jessica are dedicated Life Activation Practitioners, continually expanding and growing within the lineage of King Salomon.


To delve deeper into the inspiring experiences of Grace and Jessica, listen to their stories by following the link below. And allow yourself the opportunity to step into your greatness, just as they did.


— Caroline Latour, Ritual Master Apprentice


Watch Grace on YouTube

Watch Jessica on YouTube


Imbolc Celebration: Goal setting by Candlelight


Grab your seat tomorrow. Magick is at the heart of a Mystery School and learning to be in touch with the landscape of your heart, your higher intelligence! Experience the alignment to your being, the seasons all around us through the power of the energy of Imbolc: a sacred time of the year in the Wiccan calendar.

Doors open for registration: 6:30pm

Date: 7-8:30pm, 1 February 2024

Venue: The Columbia Hotel, Room 115, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

Exchange£20 when booked in advance, at the door £25

Remember to bring journals, pens, and or pencils!


Join us for the Imbolc Celebration



Listen to Your Heart’s Calling


In a world so ruled by the mind, it’s essential that we look inside and listen to our hearts, to discover who we really are.

What is your heart calling you to do?

Follow that calling and prepare yourself to uncover the Magick within Healers Academy, and don’t be surprised if you walk out of the temple a transformed person.

So, will you continue to let your mind rule your decisions, or will you choose to connect deeper with your heart?

If you are ready for that deep dive into your heart, join us this March by clicking the link below.

March London International Programs

Here is the calendar for our next international programs with some amazing classes on offer to bring you more magick and inspiration into your life!

Dragon Magick (Haven’t you always wanted to know about Dragons? Open to Certified Life Activation Practitioners) 14 March 2024

Hermetic Joy Class (This time only: Open to those who have done Empower Thyself!) 15 March 2024

Healers Academy (Open to those who have done Empower Thyself) 16-20 March 2024


Full March Program Calendar



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