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Part 1

Transcript: Divina Franca interviewed by Divina Kate:




I come from an Italian background grew up as a good Catholic and my prior to doing what I do now,  I went to school for design and worked for various of different advertising agencies and pharmaceutical agencies, I was a junior art director there, I owned my own freelance design company for various different designs, that was in my 20s and then I wanted more, it led me to this to here where I am now in the modern mystery school where I do various of different things.

be a voice in the world and be on this mission of peace, how I can bring my piece into it.


Q:  term Goddess and female rights and these movements, different perspectives, how we should be or acting? in the mystery school we have that goddess energy that we bring in, why is the goddess energy important? what does it bring to the world?


A: interesting, that’s a wonderful question, because of what is happening on our planet and especially the movements that are happening, and women are seeking empowerment,


there is many ways we can do that, and I am in definitely about women’s empowerment, having that that individuality, having that self- sufficiency, about holding strength, about being in your own powers, I’m all about that,


 and I wanted to that right off the bat, because there may be somethings in here that you don’t agree with, that is OK, we are here to work this all out, there’s not only one way, and there’s not going to be a perfect way, but there will be a correct way, I hope for us women as goddesses will come to learn what that is as we muddle our way through this.


why is the goddess energy important?

we have a huge responsibility in life, we really do, all of us humanity do,

but for us women we have that leading energy, we have the leading energy in this world, in this planet, and what that means is,

we can birth life and light on to this planet,

then we have that leading energy in the world,


does that mean we’re more special?

does that mean we are more important than?

are we more special than the men? more important than a man?


it’s not really about who is more important here, it’s about the energy and what is meant to do. And how it works differently between a female versus a male.


if we look at a male and female energy, the masculine energy operates within the boundaries and the parameters that of which a woman sets.


so whatever the divine feminine sets up,  that is in what the male masculine energy can operate in, so in other words males can only operate on mass in ways that are permissible by a woman, by us.


believe it or not we each have a role on this planet.


if we were to look at it as an Infinity loop, keeping that energy flowing,


so the women who received this energy the male provided,  (This is not about male and female relationship by the husband boyfriend, this is whatever male whoever male you have in your life as a woman as a goddess)

 and there’s this Infinity loop, and the women receive the energy, the men provides the energy, and the women receive it, we take it , we create something with that energy, and then we put it back out into the world, once it goes back out into the world, it does what it needs to do, and what it does it comes back, we take that energy again from the male,  we receive it and we create with it again.


what does that mean? does that mean that our actions are important? what we do with the things that we create, does it mean that it has no value, does it mean that there’s not a responsibility to it?

 No, this is where the power of the goddess is very responsible, is very powerful, and there is actual value to it, and we have to be careful in how we use it ,


do we have sole responsibility,

is it all up to us, and no matter what anybody does around us that is not a woman, does it matter what they do, and whatever we do is what matters, is it all our responsibility?

No, it’s not all our responsibility, it’s not, but we can’t do it alone.


 so I’m going to speak to that later,

we can’t do it alone, but we set the tone.


we set the tone for example of anger to any one thing, then the anger will be going out that way, and then it’s going to come back to us in the same way, unless we decide to change it.


if we operate with kindness, then the kindness will be brought out there, if we are nurturing, it will be brought out there, and it will come back so, because we are the leaders of setting things in tone, it is very important for us to know or be aware of what are we doing, and what are we setting up, and how are we doing it, with what actions, what inactions,

it is important, and we do have a big role when it comes to what is happening in the world, believe it or not,

so within the construct of this divine feminine, that is part of our very flesh, that is part of our being,


for all the goddess is out there, either you are aware of it, either you have felt it or you’ve never felt it or have never known, what is part of us, we are born with it,

 is kindness compassion nurturing caring loving,


we have that supportive energy, that energy that can bring in that joy, and we have and this is the part where when we are setting the tone what that means is, we have that quiet strength that holds everything together,


the woman holds it all together, and yes there is truth to that, we do hold everything together, we are the container, that vessel that holds it all together,


when that quiet strength is not there, when the container is not there, then the world falls apart,


because if we look at anything that happens in life, if there’s not a foundation, if there’s not anything holding that any one thing, it becomes very unstable,


Q:  we have this ability to make huge changes immediately in our life and on everybody around us right away, what would it look like if the goddess energy isn’t honoured?

what does it look like if it’s distorted or misused?

 how could that look like in our daily life?


A: let me start off with this, and kind of loop in what I was saying before,


 there’s a mystery to us women, a lot of men out there would probably agree to that ,we are mysterious beings, and absolutely, because at any given time we can change our mind, create whatever we want to create, do as we think is right ,and whole bunch of a big long list of things,


but when I say there’s a mysterious part to us, and the mystery is we as women on a whole, and this amazing man in my life once told me as we were discussing things of life:


we lack this knowledge, the strength of understanding how powerful we are,

how impactful it is when we have certain actions or inactions,

I don’t think the goddesses have realised that,


many women don’t understand that power, and how impactful it is to the world,

that is if you’re working on something, if you say one word, and if you walk into a room, we don’t even have to say anything, and that power is there, or not there.



but we do have that, because we set a tone, and because we are that container, and because we lead, because we receive and we create and we give birth to,

then there is a really big power within us, and we sometimes lack the understanding of that,



and from that we create certain actions or inactions, and at times that are not always so positive, and that can actually do more harm than good.


when I’m talking about the goddess I’m not talking about everybody, but a big percentage of what our world our planet the place that is in right now, maybe minus the pandemic I’m not sure,

but I think we’ve lost our way a little bit,

I think the light within us and within our heart is a little dim.


again it’s not all women, it’s not all goddesses,


there is powerful goddesses that totally understand it, they are in their place, they are centred in there, like I get it, I know who I am, what I am, where I’m supposed to go, what I’m supposed to do, and how I am supposed to be treated…. and the list goes on…


we need to turn it around,

we need to turn that part of us around,

so we can understand what our power can actually do, and that is within us, it’s not out there, it’s here, it’s right here,


there’s a lot of things out there about women and their energy and their power, some of them are true and some of them are not, but we have to turn that ship around, we are the captain of our own ship, so we have to turn it around.


because we kind of lost that way, we need to make this one major constructive shift, this one thing that if we do not change it, nothing will change on this planet, nothing will change.


we will continue feeding the enemy on our planet which is separation,

and right now I know we are fighting for rights, what is right, right is wrong, we deserve this, we deserve that……yes we’re in great power,

absolutely, but there’s also a way of doing it.


when we do it we have to be careful that we’re not feeding the enemy, and right now the enemy in our planet is separation.


it is separation between women and men, it is separation between women and women, and when we bring up issues of the goddess, there are actually more issues between the goddess versus another goddess,


one thing we need to shift is developing the strength,

developed that strength as a woman from hatred to love,


can we be angry, yes,

are we not happy with world operations, of all things on this planet, perhaps yes maybe some areas maybe a little bit maybe a lot,


but if we’re trying to change any one thing, we need to come from a place, even though there might be upset we need to come from a place and have the intent to change it with peace, so we can have peace, because if we look at it, we’re not fighting for anger, we’re fighting for peace, we are fighting for fairness ( I call it fairness not equality fairness) ,that’s what we’re fighting for, if we look at these movements and all that kind of stuff,


why are we not honoured, is a tricky but not really tricky question,

talking about the planet and where the world is right now, we have this very prominent movement, I think a lot of people agree with me in our world, of take no responsibility.


that is the movement: take no responsibility,

that is what we are feeding the soul of people in this world.

I want the power, I want the freedom, I want the rights, I want the fairness, I want the expression, but I take no responsibility, and that’s not a very good place for us to be in.


that is not a very good place, if we are the leaders, we are the container that holds the light, that holds the children of earth together, then we need to take responsibility,


we need to take responsibility for our actions or inactions, because from that we can develop peace unity togetherness love, nurturing, supportive….


we need to take responsibility, we can’t sit here and say, well you know I’m better than, so therefore I’m not taking any responsibility, or I want to do all of this but I’m not taking any responsibility,


this is what I mean by losing our way for some of us, we have lost our way to understand what that really means,


if we tie it back into what you were just asking about what happens when the goddess energy is not honoured,


First, where does that honour come from, as a goddess, where does it come from, the goddess energy is not being honoured, it is destroyed, distorted, being misused…


I’m going to separate this from the women that have had abusive situations in their life and all these kind of things, I don’t condone any of that, I don’t condone it for a man, I don’t condone it for a woman, that’s not what I’m talking about.


I’m talking about honouring of everyday life, honouring of our actions, that honouring of who we are on this planet as a Goddess,


The dishonouring is happening is because, the goddess is allowing it,

the goddess is allowing dishonouring to happen,


why do we feel dishonoured, how come there’s this distortion, or why there’s the misuse?

is because we are not honouring ourselves,

we are not understanding that power,

we look out there for it, we try to search for it out there, we are trying to search the honour out there, I want someone to honour me,

great, what are you honouring yourself?


I want someone to respect me, awesome, do you respect yourself?


I want to have strength, okay great, so where are you going to get it from?

it’s not out there.


if we’re asking for something, then we need to give it to ourselves first before we are wanting it from someone else,


because when we ask for it from someone else, it’s not going to be enough,

it’s not going to fill that that hole within us, and we’re going to keep on asking,

as we keep on asking, it becomes more distorted,

when we keep on asking, we’re going to get more confused, then the story of it changes,


and we see this cycle of, finding ourselves in sadness, or in pain, or we’ve been hurt, or we find ourselves in lack of love, all these things that we hear that many of us have all gone through once upon a time maybe, or are at this moment.


so we have to get it within ourselves,


and when we do that, we will find that the people surrounding us will give us the very things that we are really wanting,

because we’re standing our ground with it, we’re showing it,


what we show and put out is what’s going to return.


Q:  fundamental basic teaching this is, that responsibility lies within us.

the goddess is all powerful and can do all of these amazing things,

if a woman can do everything, why is the masculine important?


lots of women want to do everything, then the men get confused,  

is it positive that we do everything? we don’t allow a man to do it,

a lot of confusion around that,



there’s a lot to it, this is why there’s so much confusion.


end up from having that power, or that lack of understanding of that power within,


when we have that pure power within us,  when I say pure power because many people have this misconception of what power means, they think it’s something negative, and it’s not that, it is the strength of self, of who you are, and why you came here, what is your purpose on this planet, and with that power within ourselves as goddesses, we will then be honoured,


but we have to allow it, because it’s going to lead into the next thing,

we have to allow that honour to take place, we have to allow that honour number one for ourselves, but we have to allow that honour to be honoured by a man, and we have to allow yourself to be honoured by a woman,


we have to allow that because if we keep on denying it, or if we keep on pushing it away, then we’re only going to have the honour within ourselves and from nowhere else,


there is that movement I don’t want any responsibility, that was coming from both men and women,


the movement of we don’t need men makes me sad,

I don’t really come from that thought process, and it didn’t occur to me to even think that way or to come from that place, maybe because I’ve always just had strong men in my life, my best friends were men, growing up they were actually less judgmental, less of a pressure to be around,


can the goddess do everything and not really need the masculine energy the male energy around them?

what is wrong?

there’re so many movements during this pandemic, I do believe some of them had the intent of good, because we had thing called the negative ego came into play, it polluted things I think.


women can do everything, Ok, let’s start here,

why is being a woman wrong? Also why is being a man so wrong? why is it that these things are wrong?


if we are trying to create fairness,

 let’s say fairness, I don’t like the word equal, because Kate I’m not equal to you, you’re a tall British blonde blue eyed woman, and I am a short darker skin Italian woman, and that doesn’t make me and you equal, we are different but there can be a fairness between you and I when it comes to certain things, and no different between a man in a woman.


why is it so bad or what is so wrong to be a woman?

and why is it so wrong to be a man?

and why is it that we think with this behaviour…  I’m sad about lot of comments on online, whatever platforms I see movement of women marching down the street, pictures, on TV, online…



why do we think that removing or denying an existence of another human being would bring us peace on earth, would bring us resolution, would bring us strength and inner power?


why do we think if us goddesses are saying we don’t need a man, why do we think from that very energy that we were born with and were meant to use so we can set the good tone on our planet,


why do we think that denying another human being like a man on earth on our planet that have a roll, have an important role to this all,


 and we felt that, no we cannot create, we can’t, we cannot create male female, we need both,

again this is not about marriage, this is not about boyfriend and girlfriend,

this is about the existence of the feminine and masculine energy on our planet.


can we do everything? that’s interesting, can the goddess do everything?

absolutely not!


please goddesses forgive me, maybe don’t forgive me, be mad at me,

but truthfully, we can’t do everything.


that is an illusion, a man can’t do everything, a woman can’t do everything.


why does a woman want to do everything anyways?

why do we want to do everything?

what are we proving? what are we trying to prove…that we can multi task, absolutely!

are we good multitaskers? Absolutely!


there is more women out there that are better multitaskers than men,  that has been my experience,  but does that mean we can do everything?


I think that has become an illusion that we have actually bought into,

I think that is part of the problem that we have a woman versus a woman,

that we have bought into that illusion that we can do everything,


and what we do is we’re trying to live up to, what we are roaring for,

and when we tried to live up to something that were roaring for, but it’s not pure, or it’s not something we can actually do, that’s where we start to lose ourselves.


right if you get a woman trying to do everything, sit down with them at the end of the day, and ask them how they’re feeling about themselves, ask them who they are, ask them if they had that self care, ask them if they remember the last time maybe they took a shower, because they were running around trying to do everything because this is what they have actually bought into,


what about… can we do the things that we love, yes we can,

are we powerful in any one thing that we can do? Absolutely.


but do everything? that, for me and from what I have experienced from being around a lot of women in my life, is an illusion that we have bought into, and that illusion has caused massive pressure on us, massive.


when I say pressure, I’m talking about judgement, and I’m talking about acceptance , because for us women, a threat to us in our lives is another woman, it’s not a man.


we are not threatened by men, of course there are other situations… but when it comes to just everyday life,  and our energy, we are threatened more by another woman not by another man.



we are a lot harsher on each other, there’s big judgement, lack of acceptance.


take a room full of men, this is an example, this is not about what’s right or wrong, I’m talking about pure energy of the goddess, a woman walks in,

it’s a room full of 50 men, and one woman walks into that room, you will not find one man judging her, one of the men will say, who is that and why is she here.


but if you get this one woman walking into a room full of women, many of them will have something to say about her, oh who is she, where she come from, Oh my God what is she wearing, what is she doing here, look at her hair, I’ve never seen her before,


it is almost like right there, that judgement begins, and meanwhile this woman just wants friends, she just walking into her room, she just wants to be around other goddesses,


so we have to strengthen our power within ourselves, that we can’t buy into this illusion that we can do everything, and when you think you can do everything, you have to ask yourself why?

why do you need to do everything?

why can we not honour the role of the masculine energy on our planet, to allow them to provide us with their energy, so we can go on and create whatever we want to create, and be there and show kindness love nurturing and all this kind of stuff?


this part is important, because there’s so many women out there that is stuck in the situation:


we can’t do what a man does, and a man can’t do what we do.

that’s just our energy, and that’s our purpose,

we have roles in our lives, yes we have energetic roles on this planet, and we’re forgetting that.


the moment that the Goddess tries to move into the role of the masculine,


if you get a single mother, she’s like well I don’t need a man, only to be on my own I’m going to do this, or we get that one woman that works in an office place that prominently all men, (by the way you won’t find that nowadays because the men are too scared of us and that is a true thing), if there’s one woman working at this company that are all men, she will want to become more like the man to fit in, and she will start to try to muster up this masculine energy within her to try to fit in,


and when she does that, she loses herself as a goddess, she forgets who she is, she forgets that she has she has the leading power even though there’s five men in the room and she’s the only woman, she forgets that she is the goddess, and that she can set the tone,


are women good at telling men what they need to do?

yes we are and we have to be clear and most of the time we’re not,


but that Goddess loses herself, she really does, so then after you ask where’s the goddess?


Q: very powerful, that reminder of honouring the masculine and honouring the goddess, and then we can have unity in peace, not just within us but within the whole planet.


we could shift to a place of peace just in a few years if we could all master this.


A:  Yes.

if we want to march and make a difference,

if we March in kindness, and we don’t show hatred and anger,  hatred and anger coming from past issues or situations that any one woman has had in her life,  that is still within her,  and marching saying I hate you, don’t need you, what it may be, that woman is in pain, that God is in pain, she’s hurt,  marching is not going to heal her,


it’s not going to do anything to her other than make her more angry and more upset, so the goddess needs to heal that,  needs to understand who am I, and what am I here to do,


if us goddess’s want to March, and we want to make a difference, let’s heal, let’s find our power, know thyself, know who you are,


and we can March together in unity, spreading the same light, spreading the same message,


so when we spread that message of peace or unity with all,  then I guarantee you unity with all,


 Cos once we have that clarity, many things won’t even matter anymore,

 they won’t,


but we need to heal the hurt and the pain within us before we can say yes let’s go March,

 because we need to be stable and strong within making that big shift of pain and hatred and all that can stuff, and turn it into love and kindness.





Part 2

Transcript Part 2




Spoke about so so many things on for hours and hours but i’m glad we do have a part it’s not it’s not about justice it’s about there’s a long Fusion and I think that marching for peace will bring us peace that peace will allow us to heal yes it’s so important isn’t it just very simple powerful message yeah you know we we have to have that in our hearts thank you let’s jump insert the questions that we didn’t get to london if i may so could you tell us about empowering the feminine woman it needs to be there for the men as well So what does it mean to what does it mean in in in the aspects of empowering well we both deserve empowerment the goddess deserves empowerment but at the same time so does the God right we both deserve that empowerment we both came here with a purpose right and what is that purpose that’s for each and every single one of us to go on that journey and to figure that part out or or to seek it and to discover but why would it be OK to take away ones empowerment and why would it be OK to take away the ability for one to become empowered and I say that because that’s what a lot of our messaging is out there you know we have this one I call it powerful message because not because it holds strength it because it holds a lot of detriment and you know there is this this this this I guess the saying or a tight line whatever you want to call it believe every woman okay so if we believe every woman then we should believe every men we should believe every child that is not the case and why should we as part of our empowerment why should we believe in every woman I certainly don’t and I’m a woman why is that the message that there tells me that women make no mistakes we have a totally clean history of things and we don’t need to take responsibility for anything that we do either it’s good or bad so if the man says believe everyman is that wrong is it is it wrong and why is it wrong so I think we need to get back into the centre often times sometimes in our world we call it the middle pillar we need to bring ourselves there together as male and female because we do need each other we do and as I spoke in part one about you know the woman doing everything and the man is confused well that again you know dear goddess’s that’s an illusion that we bought into and that is the pressure that we are feeling because we can’t do everything and why should we and why should we take away what a man wants to do because if we say everything then the man is part of that everything as well we can’t shout we can’t start screaming out and shouting while we can do everything therefore I don’t need you right I don’t need you because we all know all of us if we hear it enough then they won’t need us and they will go away and so if we’re asking hey believe in every woman but hey at the same time I don’t believe you I mean I don’t need you then they will go away and then what will happen is that us goddesses will not so much be fighting for our rights we’re going to be fighting for our existence and This is why that believe in every woman is a detriment and I fear that for us women right if we are wanting to make change absolutely we’re here to make change but it doesn’t mean that we need to destroy what is out there does it mean that we need to deny another human beings existence what it means that we need to shift and we need to rebuild so it starts to look different and like I said you know part one why is that important and it might seem a little harsh in what I’m saying but this is the power us women hold inside of us this is how that’s the strength this is how powerful it is because yes we do set the tone we do set the tone we are the holders of that energy so if if I mean let’s look at it in this way and when I say we’re the Holder of that energy and we’re the ones that give because we give birth therefore we are deleting energy on this planet and then it is the women that make the change it’s the women that make the shift the form of everyman’s action or inaction has once come from a woman because we’re the ones that put the energy out there so their actions their form in the way they do it their action or inaction has once come from a woman either the woman was present in their life with a woman wasn’t it has once come from a woman so therefore it creates this this cycle the cycle of things and we need to change that cycle and we need to unify women we need to unify we need to unify and be on the same page of things we need to unify in saying what is it exactly that we want because the feminine and masculine we won’t respect I know I know men want respect in the world they they do and and every woman wants appreciation we fight for that appreciation constantly This is why the feminine energy versus the feminine energy so our biggest threat is another woman more soul than another man no there’s when we look at our relationship together and what it means in the world does it mean you know there’s a lot of good people in the world that do bad things there’s yes there’s absolutely women fight for empowerment but that means that men can do the same thing and yes has there been things that men have done that is not so great yes but that’s some it’s not all it’s the one bad Apple right that’s all it takes is the one bad Apple but it goes the other way as well the women the goddess there is amazing amount of powerful beautiful goddesses that are so empowered that are powerful but yet there’s that one that might just ruin it for all so just because that one it doesn’t mean all right so when we are are coming up with or wanting to do a shift we really have to look at things on a whole we can’t go by it by that one action that was done by that one person because that one person does does not represent the all they really don’t an and because we set that tone it it starts it starts with us and we can philtre it out to the world right so we can’t forget we are that container we are that container that holds everything together in that quiet strength and can we do a lot yes we can absolutely as women do a lot but can we do it all we can’t and we as men and women coming together either it’s your partner your father your brother your son your uncle there is that weaving of the energy that we need to have each other in order to create anyone changed the I love that yeah it’s just so much clarity around that it’s just an an refreshing as well because you know why why you know do we feel like we have to take everything on board and you know you know having a beautiful relationship and partnership is just so so bring so much joy sandwich magic so much healing and like you were saying in part one it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic involvement it could be you know brother or friend or you know rate it doesn’t have to be a ****** or exactly exactly it’s just that relationship and and and why not why not have a relationship that empowers us that rises you know that lifts us up you know as the God is why don’t you want to be praised why don’t you want to be lifted up why don’t you want to be treated like the Queen why don’t you want a man to hold the door for you why don’t you want a man to treat you for dinner yet you can of course you can but that you being able to pay for dinner does not mean that you are empowered we should not be looking at from that we are empowered when that power comes from us knowing ourselves the moment we know ourselves we will be OK with all these things in the same as if we call for peace in March for peace all these things that we’re so wanting as the God is on this planet will naturally fall in place right so we want to rise up do we want to be held up on that throne whatever way that throne looks like with whatever piece of clothing we wanna wear why not what why not we hold that power and having that having that come back to us will want us to do more but in a more positive way yeah I I feel it’s close I feel it’s close I I’m praying that you know yeah definitely so a subject very close to my heart as you know is well being of children I know that’s also something very close to your heart too I just wondered the relationship between goddess and children and I I get as so many questions from mothers from stepmothers from aunt is from grandparents know how what do you think that goddess can teach the children you know and that relationship you know explore that with us a little bit yes yes this one here is very you know close and dear to me as well because with all with everything that is happening on our planet we are for getting about our children we are for getting about the children even though some of us may think while we’re doing it for the children know we’re actually for getting about the children an as goddesses we have that part of us that has that compassion that kindness that nurturing and we really really goddesses we really really need to nurture our children we really do it is part of our gift as a goddess to nurture them allow them let them let children be children and nowadays I am finding that you know we treat children like adults we we we we approach them with things or or bring things to them from a standpoint of an adult an children don’t have the mechanism they don’t have the know to the knowingness of how to handle adult situations I don’t issues they just don’t know that and when they be when their input into that position it becomes very difficult and maybe not at that moment but when they get older and they become adults that’s where you’ll start to feel or actually see a lot of the trauma that they have gone through as a child and when children are born when they’re little when there they are the closest to divine they are they are that they are the closest one to divine they come out pure they don’t come in with the pollution of our world they don’t have the same philtre as us adults do they don’t see things the way we do they don’t hear it the way we do they don’t have the emotions that we do although sometimes we think they do and that’s what we go by yet for getting that their child right so you know for example I remember with my own son you know he was talking about a friend at school on my go who’s that friend you know please tell me who is that friend and he described him and it was amazing how he described him because if we were an adult we would never describe that person the way this child just described that person they didn’t see skin colour as part of their description they didn’t see their eye colour as part of their description or their hair as part of the description he came at me said well mom he’s really really really funny you know he’s the one that jumps around and you know and it’s like well yes great thanks great description cause all the kids are jumping around so which one really is he an that they’re proves how much they’re not polluted and they only become polluted from us adults so and you know moms and for those of you that are guardians and aunties you play the role of a mom you have the mom energy whatever it may be your and you work with children you know they they need to explore they need to explore you need to help them understand responsibility in what that looks like and it doesn’t become complicated however you know we don’t have a script to this madness we don’t have a it’s all trial by air and it’s like Oh my God let’s hope this will be OK and it’s all the trial it’s all trials by error and I believe that a lot of mothers go a lot of goddess is out there I have questions about this because we don’t have a script and we are trying so hard to be a good mother which is what what what is a good mother see that’s a pressure on us women right S moms us aunties as grandmas what’s a good mom what is a good grandmother what is a good auntie what is a good step mom what does that mean a good mom you know we don’t have a script to this and so therefore we have to simplify it we have to simplify all of this let children be true children nurture them as a child because just like us adults have phases in our life that children have phases in their life there is the phase of the seven year old there’s the phase of the 9 year old there’s the phase of the 12 year old right so there’s all these phases of life and and help them to see beauty and to do good help them see beauty around them allow them to explore to be out in nature right allow them just to be out in nature to feel mother earth to be to be in the presence of just earth and empower them for who they are start empowering your children for who they are start to teach them who am I and it’s not you don’t ask them in an adult way you have to really bring it simplify it in a child’s language because as they grow up then they’ll say oh this is what mom meant you know this is when mom used to say it in this way this is what she meant so today will just be second nature so you teach them from one they are younger simplified language by empowering them by empowering them for again just like the woman says we can do everything is an illusion because that too puts pressure on a child I can do everything okay well I want to go do this but oh wait a minute I don’t I don’t think I’m really great at that but am I supposed to be good at that because I can do everything I can do anything I want no no you don’t have to do or no you don’t have to become everything and no you can’t do and become whatever you want yes is the world yours yes and I think most oftentimes that was that’s what we we mean because we want our child to feel empowered so we say yeah you can just do anything anything because you’re that great of course yes they are that great but how about we tell them to do what they love instead right so we saw that child as they grew up as an adult they’ll start to understand what passion means and they’ll start to understand what joinings having joy in life right and it it doesn’t put so much pressure on them because the anything is not something we can do you know I you know I would love to be a doctor I I don’t have the studious side of me to do that do you know what I mean so no you can’t do anything you can’t but can you empower them to can you tell them say well do what you love so you can grow into becoming who you know you can be right and and that is very important that is important that we communicate that how do we do that how do we how do we do that for our children is we have to do it for ourselves we are their first teacher so if we are in this path if you want to know thyself then you can help your child know themselves as well why why why is that it’s because you will have the tools they know how to do it and when you have the tools to know how to do it then you’ll have a better grasp at it makes sense love that I mean it’s so when I was a kid yoga teacher used to teach a class of children and English was all this the second language and they would they would copy exactly what I did even though they didn’t understand what I was saying and that was such a big lesson to me that children don’t do what you say they do what you do and they copy you so if you are doing it they will naturally follow that whether it’s you know kids you or whether it’s the teachings and what I think I’m hearing here is Franklin at this is a question I get asked a lot is how when can my children Start learning mystery school tools at and what I’m hearing now I think is that will you’re already integrating those tools through your own practise but maybe you could expand a little bit on you know on that as well yes so the part where I’m saying like knowing yourself is you knowing yourself to to to create that power to come to know your own power but at the same time you’re receiving tools you’re receiving the tools to life and that that is what we here at the Mr scoular about this is what we’re here to give tools so you can live a better life you can heal you can have a better life you can feel stronger you can have make different choices have clear T of mind and so the child looks up to the adult and like you said mimicking for a child is huge part of their development they mimic the adult so if we have the tools to teach our children in our everyday life just everyday life flowing of energy to our children through the tools that we have then as they progressing get older then they will be inclined Ann and pulled into wanting to come to somewhere like the mystery school so they can Start learning the tools and have a little bit more of an understanding of what does it mean but they’ll understand it from a different level they understand it as an older child as a young adult and I say start in your own home but I say first start with yourself so you can be that container and you can set that tone for your child start with yourself so you can pass it down to your child and that way as they are growing as they become ten 11-12 thirteen 14 and they start to that 14 time you know that 14 year of age even 10 some you know for some children steaming younger they start to ask questions and they start say oh I want to do that and that’s when you can really start bringing them into some teachings of the mystery school but I say start with yourself continue with the empowering of self mum right stepmom auntie grandma start with your it’s never too late start with yourself and that way you can pass down what you do to your child by empowering them because you are empowered there’s there’s a real big difference when a goddess doesn’t have the tools it becomes a very big struggle and you just hope that what you’re doing is right that’s so powerful an I love that that it all women take on the responsibility for all children doesn’t whether you’re you know even blood for late it doesn’t matter you know even if you know should God children or whoever it is we will take on that responsibility because they’re still looking at us there still seeing as there’s still you know observing what we’re doing so we have that responsibility every single woman on the planet has that possibility yes and you’ll see it in a child that doesn’t have their mom around because whatever she went went to go do something and they may be gotten her door one thing or another you’ll notice about child will look for another woman that surround them and that nurturing part of us it is natural to us either that child either we know that child or we don’t when something happens we instantly that that that that part of us that’s just that is just there shows up just like that we don’t have to go find it anywhere it’s part of our being that kindness compassion that nurturing aspect of us is part of who we are and regardless of that child again that if we know that child or not we we instantly move into that position that role and that’s our power that’s who we are right that’s who we are and This is why we have to bring that natural state of ourselves back onto this planet as it is aching for it yeah I’m ready for 3.5 billion women all nurturing I’m well well however many thank you we are I mean that went so quickly again I know I know thank you so much at being a friend get for those of you that have seen Part 2 and you’ve missed part one please catch up on part one because it was phenomenal just like Part 2 Anne and I’m sure we’re going to have Davina franca back on at some point when she’s not so busy I know she’s she’s preparing now for programmes in in United States so she’s busy organising her team and what have you so thank you so much and we will see you all again very soon thank you for joining morning and tuning in thank you thank you everybody thank



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