What I really thought of Sacred Geometry with the Modern Mystery School – Danelia


When dance and magick come together.

Danelia is a dancer, holistic movement teacher for various ages & personal trainer, Max Meditation System™ & Life Activation Practitioner of the Modern Mystery School.

As a trained dancer Daniela shares her passion for movement, nature and the elementals through leading classes of children dance, free dance for adults and max meditations. She helps others to build greater awareness for themselves through listening to their bodies, opening their senses to feel deeper connections by understanding the interconnectivity of body, breath, spirit, mind & emotions. She is giving Life Activations and Crystal healings to help to awaken greater potential in others.

Since early childhood she had strong spiritual senses and feels deeply connected with mother earth. Her openness and love to explore lead her into travelling, into shamanism and into the Modern Mystery School teachings where she is now on her way towards progression, expansion, unfolding her gifts and serving the light.

Her vision is peaceful, alive coexistence where people thrive for creating and living in a world full of passion and harmony (inside and outside). Where new ways are explored filled with creative open thinking, unlocking and opening doors coming from a loving and kind heart, shining ones beauty and inherent light bright.

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