The importance of Ensofic Level 1 and 2 with Dr Ann


Dr Ann Donnelly, worked as a GP in the north west of Ireland for over 20 years. It was whilst working as a GP, she took a keen interest in ways of creating ‘whole person’ health, including mind, body, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

Dr Ann combines her vast knowledge of medicine and her holistic approach in her heal-ing practice – blending her passions and skills teaching healing methods in an ancient Mystery School Lineage that Leonardo Di Vinci, Sir Winston Churchill & David Bowie trained with. Dr Ann travels across the world sharing her own story and teaching holistic techniques and therapies to others in; the UK, Africa, Canada and Brazil – she is on a mission to bring her knowledge, expertise and experience to introduce and equip more medical professionals to bring a more holistic approach to medicine. She also brings a reassuring medical opinion to holistic practitioners.

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