The Distortions of Victimhood-Neptune in Pisces.


The Distortions of Victimhood-Neptune in Pisces

by Aleks Ceho

How do you know the difference between a victim of real trauma and someone who’s crying wolf?

I’m not sure when this happened, but somehow between 2011 and now, we seem to have given “victims” carte blanche when it comes to what they say and do. It used to be that those who had experienced horrific events were disbelieved and outcast as societal pariahs. But as is the law in Hermetics – however far the pendulum swings to the right is however far it will swing to the left.

No matter what side the pendulum swings to, there will be those who are harmed for our societal distortions.

So, before I move forward to talk about the energy of Neptune in Pisces, I want to make something clear:

In this article I’m going to discuss the topics of victims and victimization. If you have experienced harassment, rape, attack, abuse, or other predatory behaviours from someone – I support you. Why? Because like many others, I have been sexually harassed and physically attacked myself. I empathize and hope that maybe some of the fighting spirit I’ve been blessed with in this life will help light a fire for you to fight for a good life for yourself. I say a good life and not “justice” because that’s what true recovery is. (And if someone needs to be held accountable, hold them accountable legally – then hold yourself accountable for your personal recovery and get back to a good life because you deserve it

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