Post-COVID Stress Management

Divina Dr. Ann Donnelly shares with us her expert advice when considering stress management post-COVID.

Coping with COVID-related anxiety as we emerge into an adapting new world.

One of the many lessons that came with the COVID pandemic, was that life can be filled with challenge, change and uncertainty.

Indeed, we cannot generalise about the COVID experience as its effects were so variable from person to person and family to family.

Some barely knew they had the virus, while others experienced health issues varying from a mild cold to severe respiratory distress requiring hospital support, while others lost their lives and the lives of their loved ones. To dismiss its effects is shamefully disrespectful.

Whole communities were affected financially, education was disrupted, and children couldn’t see their friends or their grandparents. Those who required hospitalisation or nursing care in care of the elderly homes became more and more socially isolated.

It is actually painful to remember these facts.

When the initial challenges of facing this unknown entity eased, we faced, and still face the fact that we are relearning how to socialise responsibly. We are adapting to new ways of staying healthy and safe, as we reemerge into a newly adapting world.
With these changes come new excitements and for some, new uncertainties.
Uncertainty brings with it, a degree of ‘anxiety’.
Let’s take a look at what causes an anxiety response in the body.
When we perceive threat, change or challenge our adrenal glands get us ready for action. They release Adrenaline which increases the heart rate and blood pressure and boosts energy supplies, while Cortisol increases blood glucose in the bloodstream, ready to fuel fight, fright or flight. Interestingly Adrenaline is also produced during periods of excitement. With this in mind, we are on high alert whether we are stressed or excited and while COVID reemergence is fun for many, for some it can bring with it a great deal of anxiety.
Thankfully there are strategies to manage post-COVID stress management.


If you are someone who gets anxious it’s important to pace yourself.
FOMO is a fear of missing out. It’s ok to say no to multiple invitations while baring in mind you are not isolating yourself completely. Building up your social life again at a pace that sustains engagement while managing overwhelm is healthy.

This has been a particular challenge for certain younger school children who are learning to play again in group settings. Taking social interaction at their pace helps build confidence at a sustainable level.

Consider pacing to help manage post-COVID stress


Tell a friend what you are doing so they can encourage your endeavours and celebrate your successes. This helps bring perspective and balance to your choices.


We must continue to source reliable information regarding the pandemic, new viruses, the importance of social interaction and how to maintain good physical and mental wellbeing. If you are experiencing information overload ensure you make sensible choices for yourself.

Discernment is a very important quality that takes time to build individually. What is right for one person is not necessarily going to be right for the next as we saw during the pandemic. Each person must discern for themselves and not be heavily influenced by the harsh opinions of others. Facts serve us better than emotion-driven responses.

While we waited for the best scientific evidence to become available to us at any given time during the pandemic many people came up with their own conspiracy powered theories. These were unfortunately often emotion driven and unhelpful, especially to those who were already distressed. It is time to make healthy responsible choices for our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Using discernment is important in managing post-COVID management

These choices might include healthy nutrition, healthy exercise, a healthy sleep regimen and healthy stress management. Each of these pieces can be explored personally while being adapted for age, personal strengths and personal challenges. It’s actually exciting to explore one’s own personal health needs and to commit to a personal vision and goal.


As we get to grips with post COVID stress management we need to bare in mind, that everyone is different and everyone has different circumstances at work, school and home. Check in with friends and family members about what they are comfortable with in terms of hugging, close contact & distancing. It is important to be respectful and while most people won’t have a problem, some people will be concerned. Open discussions will give everyone an opportunity to say what their needs are and give them a chance to feel both heard and safe.


As life gets busier it’s important to include work/life balance with a dedicated daily self care routine that builds ongoing resilience and promotes healthy lifestyle choices for the future.

The Modern Mystery School offers Stress Management courses well worth the investment. In these classes, one attains individualised daily practices that sustain one longer term.

Taking time for self-care is important in managing post-covid stress

Remember, balanced self care could potentially include attention to the following:

  • Regular exercise (cardio, strength, stretch),
  • Balanced nutrition and hydration,
  • Adequate sleep/rest/time out/meditation depending on the demands on your body,
  • Active and appropriate stress management.


When stress strikes we first have to recognise it so that we do not get pulled down into a spiral. Once recognised, are we feeding it with our mind in constant fretfulness or self sabotaging thought patterns?

Free writing can be helpful to get the thoughts out of the mind and onto paper. Free flowing for three A4 pages can go a long way. This is especially helpful if we wake early in the morning in a worried state. Keeping a book and pen close by the bed and writing to empty the mind is helpful.

Free writing is a great tool to use in managing post-covid stress

Learning to recognise your own thinking patterns is enhanced through a regular meditation practice. Observing your own thoughts is a defining moment. When you finally realise your thoughts are not you and that you have a choice, it is one of the most liberating life experiences. The Modern Mystery School provides both paid in-person classes and free online classes to support the general public.


Remember, you are not alone. Post-COVID stress management is something we all have in common.

While COVID has changed the way we see ourselves, each other and the world in general it is important to consider what we want our world to look like?
At the Modern Mystery School we offer an alternative self discerning approach to self mastery and the creation of world peace.

In Hermetics there is a saying ‘as within, so without.’ By creating inner peace, world peace will be attained one soul at a time.

There is a Path to personal Mastery that the ancients have utilised to make great personal strides and to pull the world into new eras of evolution. If you are interested in finding out more please contact the Modern Mystery School UK/EU to connect with a Guide near you.

Wishing you excellent health in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.

Divina Ann

Article from Dr. Ann Donnelly, member of Council of 12, MB MRCGP DRCOG DFP DYT Dippallmed LFHom

Modern Mystery School UK & Europe

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