Living a Magical Life

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Living a Magical Life

Welcome to my crazy world in which Im learning, teaching and experiencing what it is like to live a magical life in our modern day world.

I have always believed in magick, the real stuff, the stuff that happens every single moment of the day, yet most of us have been closed to it for many years.

As a child I was ‘awake’ or I think that is the term used for it now a days, but really I was my authentic self, the true me, no need to hide or trying to be something that I am not.

Fast forward to me as a adult, and I find myself awake or at least awakening day by day. The process for me has been fast, exciting and at times tiring. It is of course different for everyone.

I have opened myself up to the endless possibilities that are given to us at birth, in doing so I have agreed to help others also find their path, as only in true service can one truly find JOY.

My blog will be dedicated to telling you about my experiences, the ups and the downs, what is happening in my world, and also sharing thoughts from others as they experience the sessions and classes in the Linage of King Saloman under of of the seven Mystery Schools still left on the planet.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am x

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