Letting go…


Letting GO …


Is the hardest thing to do, it should be the easiest but in a world where we are programmed to think the more you have the more successful you are it has become a mantra for those that have found some form of spiritual practice to achieve a stress-free life. It’s now common to hear,


let go,

no attachment…. being said in many yoga classes, Facebook posts, energy workers but what does it mean?



Sometimes the spiritual world and especially the new age movement say all these meaningful words but we really don’t have a clue what it means or in fact how to do it! This of course can be super frustrating but fear not as there are simple things you can do to shift from holding on to old patterns, people and things to letting go.


The Number 1 thing to remember is that you are designed to let go of all emotions, patterns and experiences after just 15 minutes, anything after that is our programming, education, culture telling us we need to hold on to that ideal to create a mask or experience we can base or judge our future experiences on. So we already know how to do this!


Number 2. Empty your cup each day and you will receive so much more.. this sounds very Bruce lee, I know but it’s simple. Each morning wake up and start it like you are a child, we know nothing, we come from nothingness, empty and ready to receive all things.  Look at the trees and flowers (or whatever you have in your back yard, vista) like it’s the first time you are looking at them, really see them.


Number 3. Take five mins to set your mind in motion with the task of the day. Clear out one item of clothing, or kitchen ware or an idea that is something you no longer need. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter just let it go today. Do this each day, don’t be afraid to let go of expensive items or gifts. Start small if it’s tricky but each day take that action.


Number 4. Welcome the new into your life. You can do this by holding your arms out and welcoming the new, or simple stating your desire for a new way of thinking or a new friend or a new item. Each day it can be different or the same. it’s your call. Create you own way of doing this.


Number 5. Sage your home, simply burn some sage and walk around you home clockwise. Make sure you have the window open to let the old energy go. You can do this as often as you like



Number 6. Take a salt bath, its perfect go to for letting go of the day. Take as often as you like


Number 7. Buy yourself something new or do something new each day. It could be flowers or pick flowers from your garden, go for a walk if you don’t normally do this, go to different park, go to a different super market, it doesn’t matter do something you haven’t done before. Do hopscotch outside your house. Make it fun!


Your mind and intention is the most powerful tool you have, finely tuned and trained it becomes a powerful instrument to create your desires. These steps are just a few ways you can start to let go, surrender or have no attachments. of course, there are many other ways and ancient’s ways but this will get your started. So now when you are sitting in that yoga class, or hear those words you should have a few steps to help to take control and take action.




Dr Kate Bartram Brown


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