Full Moon in Gemini.

Full Moon Meditation London

Dear Community,

today Annie Riley talks about the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini happening on Monday 30th November. Providing information on the particular’ flavour ‘ of this Full Moon, things to be aware of, how to make best use of this time and invites to a number of Full Moon meditations being offered by high Initiates in our community!

You’re also welcome to join us online on Monday at 7.30pm for Max Meditation!


Hi everyone,

Monday sees the rise of The Full Moon in Gemini.
Its a well known fact that Full Moons are great influencers of tides and water levels all over the planet. We are also made up of 70% + of water and so we are also influenced by the Full Moon. We are especially influenced by the Full Moon, 3 days before, when its Full and for 3 days after. That’s a whole week where you may feel not quite right or that things happen unexpectedly!!

However with an awareness of this and an awareness of the particular characteristics
of  the Moon, you are better able to understand, 
nurture yourself and harness the energy of the Moon to best support you for the upcoming month!

The Full Moon in Gemini is  a great time for good mental energy. Its a good time to use your mind to focus ! So where do you need  focus or clarity in your life? Its also a good time to find simple solutions for complicated problems. Now is the time to contemplate on those difficult situations in your life! The Moon will help you find a simple solution! Now is the time to go there!
Its also a good time for studying, for writing, for communicating and for connecting with relatives!

Gemini is an air sign so its a great time to move and manifest your hearts desires!

Full Moons also provide us with an amazing opportunity, each month, to release and let go. As this Full Moon is in Gemini an air sign, there’s an amazing opportunity to let go of things to do with the mind. Perhaps you are holding onto old belief systems that no longer serve you. Is there an old pattern or behaviour that you are ready to release?
Perhaps you’re ready to elevate how you communicate with others, to refine a written project or area of study.

Now is the time!

Such is the nature of this Full Moon.

I invite you to be kind and compassionate with yourself at this time, as things come in to your mind.

Let go of judgement, blame, guilt shame.

See it as an opportunity to either release or to manifest!

I invite you to connect to the energy of this Full Moon to support you for this upcoming month.

I would also like to invite you to join us in a Full Moon Meditation, where you will be guided in connecting with this Full Moon and receive deep relaxation connection and clarity!

There are 5 opportunities!

Investment: £10.00

With Yadiksha-Sunday 29th November -6.30pm-7.30pm
Link – Book Full Moon Meditation with Yadiksha!

With Annie- Monday 30th November-6pm -7pm
Link – Book Full Moon Meditation with Annie!

With Dr Ann- Monday 30th November- 8pm-9pm
Link – Book Full Moon Meditation with Dr Ann!

With Kasia- Tuesday 1 December-7pm – 7.45pm.
Link – Book Full Moon Meditation with Kasia!

With Margaret-Thursday 4th December-7pm -8pm
Link – Book Full Moon Meditation with Margaret!

We are so connected to the Moon the Stars the Galaxy!


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