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Hi, my name is Diana and I come from Romania. Well, actually the city I was born is at the border with Hungary and my grandparents were Hungarian and German. I always sought to bring the peace between nations and did not understand the competition and the part of “my culture is better than yours”. In time I understood I had to integrate all those in myself first.

Being very intuitive and an empath, I was afraid to share with my family that I had seen things or dreamt of other beings, and even if I did, they console me with the phrase : “it was just a bad dream”. I often created worlds in my head that were more fun than the real world.

As I grew up I became a rebel and an artist. Somehow I always felt a connection with something greater than I could see, but I was mad at God for the fact that he lets people suffer… I used to be on the extremes, either too sad, to depressed, or too happy, but that also did not last for too long.

In my adult life I worked as a Foreign Language Correspondent – I speak 6 languages, and as an optician in the biggest company of optics in Germany and lived there for 8 years. But that did not give me a long term satisfaction. I could not see myself doing the same thing over and over again until the end. I knew I was meant for something greater – and then Modern Mystery School came along my Path, and that was a total game changer.

In 2021, November, I decided to move back to Romania and since then, the Universe has blessed me with so many more gifts. Now as a certified Life Activation Practitioner, a Healer, and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Solomon – am more ready then ever before to share the Light everywhere I go.

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