Astrology and the Life Activation with Aleks


Astrology is Aleksandra’s first love in life and since childhood, it has been her first and primary passion! From early childhood, Aleksandra read, studied and learned the sacred art of the sages. Studying the archetypes of Greek Mythology, the process of charting and forecasting and the Esoteric theories behind this ancient spiritual science have given Aleksandra hours upon hours of pure love and joy!

Astrology and the Life Activation with Aleks

Not only is Aleksandra an Astrologer, she has also devoted herself to the study of ancient Hermetic principles that allow her to assist in the process of spiritual development. As a student of the Modern Mystery School, Aleksandra discovered the very teachings that led her on a process of self-mastery. The empowerment and wisdom she received inspired her to many successes in her life moving forward and it is her honour to share the very same tools and teachings that have helped her so.

Based out of Toronto, Canada – Aleksandra practices throughout the Greater Toronto Area sharing the power of these powerful teachings, healings and readings. She has had the privilege of traveling around the world teaching Astrology in the Mystery School Lineage. These teachings have brought her to the United States, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and her home Toronto, Canada.

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