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April 7 @ 12:00 am - April 8 @ 12:00 am

Empower Thyself – Germany


This course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings to EMPOWER your life with the secrets of the sages that have been kept hidden throughout history.

Empower Thyself

The Empower Thyself Initiation enters you into the ancient lineage of King Salomon, handed down from teacher to student for 3000 years. This is a powerful lineage with deep metaphysical teachings that have withstood the eons of time.

As handed down by an official Guide in the Modern Mystery School, the Adept Initiation brings you ten times greater empowerment to make the energetic and physical changes you need to reach your full potential.

You will learn how your own energy systems works, how the Hierarchy of Light and heaven is structured, how to work with the Archangels and Angels to guide your life, and sacred tools such as rituals, meditations and prayer.

Learn to work with energy to manifest the life you truly want to live!

This is a two-day program, and its completion is marked with a sacred initiation ceremony.

Please email Philipp at [email protected] to reserve your seat.

1397 €

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