Life Activation with Colette was the kind of experience that gathers momentum as the days and weeks flow .


I can forget I’ve had it and then all of a sudden , I’m looking back on something quite monumental that  I’ve achieved – which pre-activation I might have found too daunting or have told myself I wasn’t ready to begin initiating.


An example would be that I have begun learning to produce music ; a long-held dream.  I realise I’m living it and am firing on all cylinders with a sense of ease as well as soul level determination.


I’ve always been aware that when I’m on the right path, more synchronicity occurs – Life Activation feels like that: the sense that there are parts of me that were always there , which needed lighting up energetically.


I feel Life Activation has called into play aspects of your soul blueprint , embedded within your DNA and sheds light in deep places, which becomes apparent as you look around at the evidence of a much more vibrant life.


It’s not about anyone else’s energy but you own , however you do feel that you are more focused on what is crucial and vital within your own life and less affected by those who cannot or will not appreciate how you might wish to shine within your own dedications.


For me , that’s living in harmony with the creative force and co-creating more of a heavenly earth.


I highly recommend Life Activation with Colette. She is a skilled and dedicated practitioner.


Never be afraid to shine by your own lights
Nelson Mandela

I met Colette at a Mind Body Spirit Festival in Galway and at that time  while l knew nothing about the modern Mystery School I was attracted to the way she worked with energy…and I had a Life Activation taster session which I found so wonderful that  two days later I went for the full Life Activation session with her.

Also, a little time after Colette came with me to visit my husband who  was in a nursing home suffering  with Lewis Body Dementia and Colette volunteered to do some work with him, time was limited but she spent 20 minutes or so with him. When I visited him an hour or so later a nurse delightedly told me that  as she had been helping him that he had chatted with her… he had  occasionally spoke a few words with me… but the nurses reply was.. “I can assure you that in the time he has been here (over a year ) I have never had a conversation of this sort with him!”

I was so grateful for that and the light and healing work and the joy that day.