Full Moon in Virgo

Dear Community

This months Full Moon rises on the 27 February and we are influenced by the Full Moon for 3 days before on the day and for 3 days after.

You may find or sense yourself as being not quite yourself, during this time! You may have sleep disturbances, or feel more emotional or in need of extra rest!

The key is awareness here as with awareness and understanding you can honour yourself and harness the energy of the Full Moon and direct it to support you for the upcoming month!

Full Moons present an excellent opportunity to release ,let go and also to support you in manifestation and creating your hearts desires. Reminding you of your potential to renew and recreate!

This months Full Moon is in the sign of Virgo and favours attention to detail and receiving commands from the higher realms. 

So it’s a great time to ask for support and guidance from the higher realms, especially with matters concerning your health, working environment and service. It’s also a good time for research , studying , learning and analysing a situation.
Virgo being an earth sign favours directing the energy of this Full Moon in manifesting your hearts desires and also for increased stability, grounding and taking action on any plans yet to be set in motion! Now is the time to do it!

Once again this month we are delighted to offer Max Meditation with a Full Moon theme to support you in releasing whatever you want and need to at this time of great change on the planet. For in letting go you create space for the new , for your new creations to be birthed , for you to recreate and move forward with greater connection, support , ease and grace into this New Paradigm!

Several Complimentary Max Meditations with a Full Moon theme will be held around the dates.

We are so connected to the Moon the Planets the Galaxies!!

Modern Mystery School UK & Europe

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